Are you willing to drink Honda H2O bottled water? (Video)

honda-fcx-clarity-hydrogen-powered-carDrinking water from the car’s tailpipe

What will be your reaction on being asked to drink water that has been collected from the exhaust pipe of a car? Will you be willing to consume it? It is exactly what Honda has in mind. Honda is going to introduce H2O, a new bottled water brand.

Honda is one of the finest and most well established automotive brand in the International arena. The company has always received praise for its sustainable efforts. Taking this work a step ahead, the automaker is now planning to introduce a bottled water brand named H2O. The company is launching this brand to bring it to the notice of the consumers that their FCX models powered by hydrogen fuel cell produce pure water as emission.

Honda’s FCX models are the first mass production cars in the world that make use of compressed hydrogen as a fuel rather than petrol. Thus, projecting it as one of the cleanest and greenest car model in the present market. Also, by launching H2O bottled water brand, the company is striving towards reducing the carbon footprint.

honda-fcx-clarity-h2o-bottled-waterHonda H2O bottled water

The bottled water brand has already been launched at Palace Cinemas across Australia. It was placed on drink holders on the arm of the cinema seats and were offered free of charged. Each H2O bottle comes with a label that provides information regarding the origin of the water. The company is hoping to introduce the H2O bottled water in their showrooms as well as service station all across the nation.

Leo Burnett Melbourne and Honda Australia have stated that their compressed hydrogen powered models emit water that is clean and hence, potable. It can be used for drinking and could be bottled. The bottled water in H2O bottles may not be an actual emission by Honda FCX models but simply a way to demonstrate and promotes its hydrogen fuel cell technology.

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