Ratan Tata’s dream: car that run on H2O

Tata-logoRatan naval Tata popularly known as Ratan Tata. He is a pioneer businessman in india and the present chairman of the Tata group.  Ratan Tata’s dream is to see car that run on water and he has invested $15 million in a start-up firm supporting research in the field, an eminent scientist said on Friday.

Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Council to the Prime Minister Prof CNR Rao said one of his close friend and a professor in the famed Massechusetts Institute of Technology in the US has found a way split water directly into hydrogen and oxygen.

“Ratan Tata has given him (the professor) $15 million so that he (Tata) can own that company when it comes up,” Prof Rao said.

“He (Tata) wants to invest in a company which will split water directly into hydrogen and oxygen,” Rao said adding, when kind of water- toilet water, rain water or sea water-can split to hydrogen and oxygen, then these components can be used for energy.

“And a dream of Ratan Tata is eventually that cars will run on water. My dream is also that,“ he said, referring to a recent conservation he had with the Tata Group chairman. Rao spoke on this initiative at a press conference convened by the Chemical Research Society of India.