There Will Be a Delay: An Apology

mohammed-asrar-managing-editor-bharathautosDearest readers,

Myself Mohammed Asrar ‘Managing editor’ of BharathAutos, I am truly sorry and very embarrassed for not updating our website more often. I’m busy and denied you a new post for almost a couple of weeks now, all I can say is that I’m sorry. Really truly deeply sorry for the inconvince caused to our user due to lack of update on our website .

As my MBA final semester exams are going on I’m busy studying. Thus, the article on BharathAutos will be bit delayed and this will continue upto 16th August, but I promise you friends I’ll try my best to give you regular updates during this period.

There comes a time in every internet reader’s life when they realize their blogger is not perfect, and I think for you that moment is now. I am not perfect, but I promise you friends to give a perfect & complete website by end-August.

I’ve said it before: the most important consideration for me is quality and give you accurate information. I’m sorry for the daily news that is going to be delayed, but I promise to deliver the best reading experience and memorable articles that I can, and I will do everything that I can win the hearts of our readers. I thank you for your patience and hope that this incident will not hurt our relationship.

I thank the entire BharathAutos team & all my loved ones for your support to making BharathAutos a successful one.

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Thank you guys for your support,

Mohammed Asrar
Managing Editor

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