Corning’s Gorilla Glass to help make vehicles lighter, quieter and more fuel-efficient


Already Corning Gorilla glass has been featured in high-end mobile phones, tablets etc which helps it to keep the displays scratch free. The Corning Gorilla glass has been specially manufactured and treated with heat in order to provide clearer and longer lasting displays currently available in the range of high end electronic gadgets.

Around 1.5 billion devices already equipped with Corning’s Gorilla glass, Corning wants to further extend these range of glasses to the windows of the car probably within the next-year. Windows and windshields of the cars are specially heat treated and coated with protective films so that when a car windshield breaks, it should not create sharp edges or large pieces which can be dangerous in case of an accident.

The Corning vice president Mr. Jeff Evenson said that lighter material used in manufacturing of Gorilla Glass will lower the overall weight of cars, which in turn will reduce the fuel costs for the owners. Hence Corning Gorilla glass for cars would be stronger, safer, scratch resistant and its smoother surface would help in aerodynamics of the car along with wind noise reduction.


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