Smaller cars to get the LED lamps as standard, Peugeot to launch its 308 with LED’s

2012 Audi A6 all-LED headlights - a major technological innovation from Audi

2012 Audi A6 all-LED headlights – a major technological innovation from Audi

Headlamps have been of the oldest and the most important feature of cars. Apart from providing the ability to drive the car in the night the headlamps also are an important styling feature. For years the headlamps have undergone many phases and new and better technology has been introduced to enhance the visibility of the driver at night. The recent trend in the automotive headlamp is the LED lamps. But so far, the LED lamps have been used in luxury cars, Audi and Lexus being the pioneer in the use of LED’s.

Peugeot is all-set to introduce the LED lights to its 308 which will be launched at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show, and what’s important is that these will be a standard feature among all the variants of the 308. Ford is also planning to introduce LED lamps in the higher variants of Mondeo in coming years. Also it is predicted that in coming years more car manufacturers will be using LED’s in their cars not just because they are reliable and efficient but also provide opportunity for designers to add the flavour of style to their cars.

Many cars now come equipped with day-time running lights, LED’s are a perfect choice for such applications. Parking lamps, tail lamps and side indicators are also illuminated by the use of LED’s. The small cars like the 2013 Micra and the Mahindra Vibe use LED’s in their tail lamps. A good point to notice is that LED’s are not just limited to 4-wheelers but many two-wheelers are also now equipped with LED tail lamps and side indicators.


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