Website 2014 Upgrade – gets a facelift

We’re excited to announce that we’ve updated our website, This release offers a much cleaner user experience including:

  1. New 2014 upgrade provides a bright and cleaner view at articles without being messed-up like on the previous theme.
  2. The addition of “Garage” and “Past Out” buttons to the home page to help you get logging even more quickly!
  3. The addition of a voice search option, you can speak into your phone or computer to get search results quickly and easily.
  4. Minimize of the right-hand column on the home page to allow for more space to view content.
  5. Lightweight theme offers a much user friendly experience and loads fast in Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian S60, Series 40 and Windows Phone.
  6. We now score 100 out of 100 in Google’s PageSpeed Insights.
  7. You can now share your favourite articles with your dear ones in almost all social media available.
  8. Improved reporting:
  • We now use HTML5 technology which is faster and lighter.
  • Site is now built with responsive design, which can adapt itself to work on any devices like desktop, tablets and mobile phones.


Ultimately, we hope these changes will significantly improve your experience with the website. So take a look and let us know if you have feedback! And if you encounter any issues, please let us know and we’ll investigate ASAP.
I thank entire BharathAutos team and all our readers for your support. Always ride safe wear helmets and drive safe wear seatbelts. Hope you enjoy reading my articles.