Volvo 7700 diesel-electric hybrid bus to run on Bangalore roads soon

The time when diesel and CNG buses used to do duty on roads is gone and the next generation of eco-friendly buses are here to take the charge. Volvo, one of the leading premium bus manufacturer, is soon going to bring its new hybrid bus to India’s IT capital, Bangalore.

Volvo 7700 hybrid, unveiled at the 2012 Auto Expo earlier this month, is soon going to hit Bangalore roads and this has been confirmed by Karnataka Transport Minister R.Ashoka. Initially the bus will run on a trial basis for a period of two months after which it could be deployed permanently. It can accommodate 105 persons at once and incurs significantly less running costs.

Volvo 7700 diesel-electric hybrid bus

As per a report, the bus cuts diesel fuel costs by as much as 30 % and being a hybrid you would not have to worry about emissions either. The bus runs on a combination of powertrains, a CRDi diesel motor and an electric motor which could be employed independently or jointly.

The regenerative braking system charges the battery every time brakes are applied while another technology stops the engine when the bus is stationary and restarts it once the vehicle reaches 15-20 kmph eventually saving more fuel.

If you doubt the product’s performance, let me tell you the bus is successfully running in 20 cities of the world and has proved itself by saving up to 37 % fuel consumption and over 50 % emissions under actual operation.

It is an extremely good joint initiative of the Karnataka government and Volvo and I wish this happens in other metropolitans as well.


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