Volvo Shows Four Possible Design Directions for Next-Gen XC90

2014 Volvo Next-Gen XC90

Volvo’s Camarillo, California design studio has given out a few teaser sketches for the XC90′s upcoming generation.

Each of the four sketches has its own unique character, with variations on elements such as taillights, angles of the body, and C-pillar structure. Every sketch takes a more modern approach to the car’s design, as the current body style has been in production since 2002.

No matter the final design selection, Volvo will be buildiing the next XC90 with Scalable Platform Architecture, the next generation’s powertrain strategy, and only four-cylinder engines. A hybrid is possible, since the brand has the technology to support it, but Volvo hasn’t released anything on this yet.

Looks like Volvo is headed in a good direction. Release of the next generation is scheduled for 2014.


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2014 Volvo Next-Gen XC90 - 001     2014 Volvo Next-Gen XC90 - 002     2014 Volvo Next-Gen XC90 - 003     2014 Volvo Next-Gen XC90 - 004