Tata Motors launches the world-class range of Tata PRIMA trucks in Sri Lanka

Tata PRIMA truck

Tata Motors along with its partner, Diesel & Motor Engineering PLC, ushers new era in the Sri Lankan auto industry with the launch of the Tata PRIMA range of world-class commercial vehicles. The Tata Prima range is the most technologically advanced offering in the Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicles segment, from Tata Motors. The models introduced in Sri Lanka are the Tata PRIMA 4023 LX ( 4X2), Tata PRIMA 4923 LX (6X4), Tata PRIMA 4028 ( 4X2), Tata PRIMA 4938 (6X4), Tata PRIMA 4038 (4X2) and the Tata PRIMA 4928 (6X4), which are primarily targeted at container movement, cement transportation & the gas logistics across the island. In their power, speed, carrying capacity, operating economy and trims, they will introduce new benchmarks in Sri Lanka and match the best in the world in performance.

According to Mr. Ravindra Pisharody, Executive Director, Commercial Vehicles Business Unit, Tata Motors, “The Tata PRIMA range is an output of collaboration across the Tata Motors family, supplemented by inputs from partners across the world. The revamped infrastructure in Sri Lanka makes it possible for transporters to reap the benefit of the Tata PRIMA trucks with higher power, speed and carrying capacity. This new range from Tata Motors will meet the changing needs in the Sri Lankan market.”

The launch has culminated with the transformation which is taking place in Sri Lanka as reflected in the revamped infrastructure of world-class ports, expressways & new economic hubs being developed. The Tata PRIMA range comprises Tractor-trailers, Tippers, and Special Application vehicles which can meet varied end user requirements.

The Tata PRIMA has been jointly developed by Tata Motors and its two subsidiaries, Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Company, South Korea and the Tata Motors European Technical Centre PLC, UK. The company has harnessed the best of inputs and technologies – in styling, engines, transmissions, suspension, chassis frames, fabrication and dies — from partners based in countries like Italy, Germany, Sweden, United States of America, Japan and South Korea.

The new generation of Tata PRIMA Tractor Heads offer a completely new stylized, Air-conditioned Cabin. The driveline comprises of the latest engine technology from Cummins Inc. The power train option stretches from 230 HP to 380 HP, with suitable engines, transmissions and axles of different makes. The high pressure Common-Rail engines with an optimized drive-line offer faster turnaround time, and enhanced profitability in the business. The Tata PRIMA range will come fitted with Global Positioning System for effective vehicle tracking as standard fitment. Equipped with strong aggregates and a robust chassis frame and suspension, the Tata Prima range can overcome all terrain requirements for these applications.


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