Updated Tata Nano finally gets power steering, launch in January-2014


Updated Tata Nano finally gets power steering, launch in January-2014

In a market like India where the people are spoilt for choice, and want more features for lesser money, the mistake of launching a car without the most basic of features is now haunting Tata. Tata had launched the Nano with great, big dreams. But now, the sales numbers of the Nano are anything but those big dreams that Tata had dreamt. But we also cannot hide from the fact that, even though it might not be selling well, it is a car with loads of potential and Tata has been working hard to unlock that potential. They have been launching newer and better versions of the Nano for a while now.

Just two months before, Tata had launched an improved Nano CNG e-max, which was way better than the first car, the 2013 Nano itself was on the whole, a lot better in quality and reliability over the old one. But Tata is not going to rest at this, and will keep trying to improve the Nano. The Nano diesel has been spotted testing many a time, Tata intends on launching a Nano with an open able boot too. But, the latest news from Tata is that, the next update for the Nano will be in the form of a power steering system.

A power steering system is very essential these days. Even though some people are of the opinion that, power steering is not a necessity in small cars, truth be told, even small cars like the Nano, need power steering, especially when driving at low speeds and in traffic. More than utility, it affects sales numbers. Many prospective customers get turned off by the fact that it doesn’t have power steering, so Tata has made a wise decision indeed, by updating the Nano with a power steering. It may as well see a steep increase in sales due to this.

What the Indian consumer would love the most would be, a Diesel engined Nano, with power steering. The combination of a small car, with a frugal diesel engine and power steering would make for an excellent city car and the sales would definitely skyrocket. And, who knows, we might get just that.


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Source – Rohin Nagrani (on Twitter)