TVS to launch older version of Apache RTR


The TVS Apache is one of the most successful bikes of all time, the bike was popularly known for its performance on race tracks.  Initially the TVS as launched its vehicle as Apache which later rebranded to Apache RTR.  Very recent update to the apache in 2012 was given to some cosmetic changes in head lamp set and Air Intake side vents along the fuel tank.

The recent cosmetic updates to Apache have disappointed many of the RTR Fans including ourselves.  Even after new Apache RTR launch many people have demand to supply the older version of it, which as per them had better looks when compared to existing one.


But stay tuned friends we have some positive news to all apache fans out there, Apache lovers can get back the older version of Apache soon. Tvs has temporarily stopped production of facelift version of Apache and might start  producing older version of RTR.

The Tvs may be experimenting with this new strategy just by seeing customers demands in older version Apache RTR. Even we are not sure about whether the Tvs permanently stop producing facelift version of RTR, but anyways this might bring some sort happiness to all those who prefer to bring back old Apache.   But hold on guys TVS officials have yet to make the announcements in production older version of RTR.

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