TVS Motors low-priced 100 cc bike soon!

Inspired by the Tata Nano mania, TVS Motor is mulling a low-priced motorcycle that will act as the volume driver for the company in the Indian market. According to TVS, the new bike will be priced at Rs. 25,000, making it the cheapest motorcycle in the country. The key aspects of development that are under consideration are good technology, fuel efficiency and low cost.

Tvs Max4R

The cheapest moped that TVS sells is for Rs 25,000 and the cheapest bike that the company sells is for Rs 35,000. The new bike will sit in-between these products.

H S Goindi, president (marketing) is quoted in a Business Standard report as saying, “There is room for introducing one more product at the lower end of the motorcycle segment. Our cheapest motorcycle comes for Rs 36,000 while the most expensive moped is tagged Rs 25,000. There might be a new product positioned in this range. The Indian market is demanding, the quality of motorcycles on offer here is very high in terms of finish, engine performance, styling and fuel efficiency. The challenge would be to offer good features at competitive price points.”

Goindi said that building the cheapest motorcycle while also ensuring that it is profitable for the company would be a huge challenge. He added that the Indian market is highly demanding and doesn’t any expect any let-up in quality, fit and finish, fuel efficiency, styling and engine performance, which just increases the challenge.

Expect the bike in showrooms by next year.