Transformers are no more a myth in real life

Will you believe it if we say that the Transformers are for real and not just a part of fantasy, animated characters of a movie or simply toys? Well, it will surely sound like great fun. There is nothing more exciting and exhilarating than seeing your favorite movie characters leaving their mythical realms to come to real life.

transformers-human-real-lifeReal-life Transformer

Transformers may or may not be a part of reality, nonetheless they are truly the most amazing heroes for the movie franchise lovers. Recently, a video has been uploaded on internet that features a street artist as a human transformer. He goes on entertaining children on the Ann Arbor, MI streets in USA.  The costume created by this street artists is beautiful and very practical for a human. Just within a few seconds, he transforms into a car and then goes around all too smoothly and with great ease. Though we have not been able to make this out yet, we welcome probable speculations from our readers.

Transformers is one of those rare movie franchises whose charm never dies. People across the globe are its fans and always eagerly awaits its next installment. The latest Transformers movie, “Transformers: The Age of Extinction”, is all set to hit theaters next month. The movie will feature Mark Wahlberg.

A trailer of the movie has been uploaded over internet that revealed that this time it will also be featuring a Lamborghini Aventador as one of the transformers. This trailer has left loyal fans holding their breath awaiting the release. We are sure that the movie will perform well and that its fans will be thrilled to see their favorite transformers back on the battle field fighting the evil to save the world. Their ultimate search for Optimus Prime will continue in this installment.

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