Toyota reveals first sketch of FT-Bh concept

Toyota FT-Bh concept

Toyota has revealed the first sketch of its new creative car concept, which promises to be a ‘total vehicle’. The main aim behind the new Toyota city car is to reduce the overall carbon dioxide emissions. The concept, to be officially unveiled at next month’s Geneva motor show, has been named FT-Bh. Across the globe, Toyota cars are well appreciated by the consumers and hopefully this concept car will receive the similar reaction. Toyota currently is tight lipped on the details of this new concept car and is determined to reveal the details at the Geneva Motor Show.

However, the company mentioned that this new concept is full hybrid city car study and is ultra-lightweight, which is specifically designed to acquire low carbon dioxide emissions within an inexpensively viable production framework. During the project, Toyota maintained to avoid complex manufacturing procedures and costly raw materials in order to favor those who already trite within the auto industry. This is actually an approach to make FT-Bh a perfectly viable car for near future in spite of having a very typical and multifaceted concept car looks. So far, the FT-Bh concept looks interesting and it would be really exciting to see how Toyota explains the entire concept of the car at the Geneva Motor Show in March this year.


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