REPORT: Citroen to start work on affordable EV car for India

It is quite a known fact that Citroen will be marking its entry to the Indian market by next year. The French automaker has readied a wide array of product launches, with most of them catering to the popular segments that exist here. Along with that, Citroen will also be targeting the electric vehicles space, with the automaker slated to introduce an affordable offering there.

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It is being said that Groupe PSA, which owns Citroen have identified the above space as a great opportunity to gain a pretty sizeable advantage in the market. Thus, Citroen are said to capitalise on the enormous potential that is present in that space. Their first electric product for India could be that of a mini crossover UV.

Codenamed the eCC21, it will be undergoing its development phase soon and could be ready for launch in 2022. The eCC21 is expected to be priced at around Rs.8 lakh, which would make it amongst one of the most affordable electric vehicles on sale here by the time it comes here. It could potentially be rivaling the EV iterations of the Maruti Suzuki WagonR, Renault Kwid and the yet to arrive Tata HBX.

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All the three models mentioned above are set to arrive before the eCC21, possibly by next year. We can also expect the eCC21 to come with a conventional fuel powered motor. Codenamed the CC21, the vehicle will arrive here before its electric iteration and will come powered by a new petrol motor, making its debut with the C5 Aircross next year.

Recently, a test mule of the CC21 was spotted on its test run, giving us a major hint that its launch is not far away from now. Coming to the eCC21 now, it will be based on Citroen’s C-Cube program just like its other models coming here. Cars coming the program will be based on a Common Modular Platform (CMP), featuring high levels of localisation to keep costs in check.

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With that, we can expect the eCC21 to be priced at around Rs.8-10 lakh by the time of its launch. This would also mean that there will not be much of a difference coming to both the CC21 and the eCC21 in terms of their prices. Specifications of both cars are to be revealed later on, possibly during the launch period of the former.


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2022-citroen-affordable-ev-model-car-compact-suv-india-pictures-images-photos-snaps (6)
2022-citroen-affordable-ev-model-car-compact-suv-india-pictures-images-photos-snaps (4)
2022-citroen-affordable-ev-model-car-compact-suv-india-pictures-images-photos-snaps (1)