The Mahindra Scorpio – Rule the Streets!

Mahindra Scorpio

Launched in 2002, Mahindra Scorpio was the first Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) of the leading automobile giant Mahindra & Mahindra. The luxurious car was built for global automobile market and is now a much celebrated car of the team M&M. The sedan has received various prestigious awards from elite organisations since its inception.

The company came up with its upgraded model ‘All New’ Scorpio in 2006 with cosmetic makeover and few mechanical changes. In 2007, came a pick-up version of the brand titled Scorpio Getaway. In 2008, came 6-speed automatic transmission gears and in 2009, Scorpio was launched with airbags and ABS. All the variants of Mahindra Scorpio are front wheel drive. However, getaway, VLX and VLX automatic are four-wheel drive vehicle. In late 2012, the company has introduced 4X4 version of Scorpio LX variant.

Mahindra Scorpio runs on a 2.2 litre, 4-cylinder, 16-valve, 2197 cc diesel engine that reaches 0 to 60 kmph speed in just 5.7 seconds. The effortless acceleration combined with 120 bhp of power became a runaway success in market. The engine gives 10.5 kmph on city roads while 15.4 kmph mileage on highways. The engine with automatic transmission gearbox gives 9.6 kmph on city roads and 13 kmph on highways. There are other versions of diesel engine, which is 2523 cc and 2609cc and gives almost similar mileage. The On-road price of the car ranges from Rs 7.28 lakh to Rs 11.77 lakh depending on the model.

The powerful SUV comes with beautiful exterior that doesn’t let you feel down. The sporty graphics on the exterior make it look class-apart. The multi-focal headlights are exciting which allow comfortable driving at night. The bonnet scoop not only helps the engine to maintain cool but also contributes to its exciting looks. The luxurious SUV measures 44.3 m long, 18.17 m wide and 19.75 m high. Ground clearance is 1.8 m and wheelbase is 26.8 m.

The interiors of SUV are elegant and comfortable. Seats upholstered with quality fabric boost the overall looks of the vehicle. The central console with wooden look leaves impressive and striking statement on the viewers. The robust Scorpio comes with sitting capacity of seven members, a powerful a/c, audio system, climate control features, plenty of luggage space, console box and remote tail gate makes it Mahindra Scorpio a viable option.

The SUV is fully laced with safety features including air bags, anti-lock braking system, voice assistance and speed alert system, blue vision headlamps and fog for safe driving in night and fog. Other safety features including child lock, tubeless tyres, double horn, and side beam impact are aid to owners. Dynamic suspension system offers impressive stability and control to the car. The crash protection crumple zone and steel bars absorbs collision and minimises the impact. Collapsible steering prevents from further damage. The demystifier in the car gives clear vision in bad weather conditions; seat belt protects you in sudden braking collision. The digital immobiliser tracks the unwelcoming guests and helps you minimise chances of collision. The upholstery used in the car is fire retardant, which offers more time to rescue in case of fire.


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