Mahindra Scorpio is the most stolen vehicle in India

Mahindra Scorpio

Mumbai Police has compiled a list of most stolen car in Mumbai for 2011. About 1,540 four-wheelers were stolen in Mumbai in 2011, an increase of 32.75 percent over 2010. Topping the list has the popular thieves’ pick been the Mahindra Scorpio. The number stood at a mighty 133 units. However, this is a decline of about 10 per cent from 148 Scorpios stolen in 2010.

For 2011, the Mahindra Bolero is on the second spot, while the Chevrolet Tavera on the third spot. It seems that the Chevrolet Tavera is in good in demand, as compared to 67 cars stolen in 2010 there was a 58 per cent increase in 2011 where 106 cars were stolen.

The Hyundai Santro was also quite popular among the car thieves in Mumbai. While 83 cars were stolen in 2010, the year 2011 saw an increase of almost 28 per cent where 106 cars were stolen in the city. While the Tata Indica saw an10 per cent increase with 67 cars being stolen in 2011 as opposed to 61 stolen in 2010.
The list goes as follows and is based on the number of cars stolen in Mumbai in the year 2011.

1.  Mahindra Scorpio – 133 units
2.  Mahindra Bolero – 106 units
3.  Chevrolet Tavera – 106 units
4.  Hyundai Santro – 106 units
5.  Tata Indica – 67 units

Besides the models mentioned here, other models like Toyota Qualis, Honda city, Maruti Esteem and Maruti 800 seems to be a good choice for the thieves. The Toyota Qualis with a total of 52 units being stolen in the year 2011, which is less by 7 units the previous year. The Honda City saw an increase of a little over 23 per cent with 37 cars being stolen in 2011 as opposed to 30 that were stolen in 2010.

Coming to the extinct species, Maruti Esteem and Maruti 800, which are no longer in production, saw a demand with 58 and 62 units being stolen respectively. Apart from the personal vehicles, the thieves has also stolen taxi cabs but the rate has declined from 68 cars reported stolen in 2010 to 61 cars in 2011.


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