VIDEO: Billboard pillar falls on Tata Nexon, passengers miracle escape

Passengers seated inside the Tata Nexon had a miracle escape after avoiding injury when a billboard pillar fell on their car during a thunderstorm in Dehradun recently.

Dramatic video shows how close the lucky passengers escaped unhurt from the Tata Nexon when their vehicle was crushed by the billboard pillar that was on front of the Nexon came down in high winds and fell straight on the car.

The impact on the car smashed all the glass to smithereens, and took the roof in, but the Nexon’s structure held out, ensuring all the occupants exited the vehicle without any injury.

As per Global NCAP, Nexon’s manufactured before 7th Dec 2018 come with 4-star rating, and those manufactured post that, come with 5-star rating. The difference in stars rating is because of addition of new feature like Seat Belt Reminder (SBR) in the latest model. The damaged car is registered in Praveen Chandra’s name, and was registered in April-2018.

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Source: Rushlane