Tata Nano Commences Nepal Yatra

Tata Nano Commences Nepal Yatra

Tata Nano has finally reached Nepal, after a one year delay. The world’s cheapest car will now commence its Nepal Yatra, which will comprise of 40,000 kms through the hills and mountains.

Tata Dealer in Nepal– Sipradi Trading Pvt. Ltd (the sole Tata dealer in Nepal for 30 years), will able to market the car really well and the sales of the Nano will start once the Nano returns from the grueling terrain at a starting price of Rs. 5 lakhs.

This is more expensive than even the cost of the Nano is Sri Lanka. Tata has a 22% market share in Nepal with Tata Indica Vista being the most popular car over there.

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Source – NDTV