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New Aston Martin Vanquish arrives in Mangalore

The new Aston Martin Vanquish has arrived in Mangalore, Karnataka. This yellow car is the third new Vanquish we see in India after the ones in Mumbai and Chennai. According to Mohammad Ismail, team leader at Aston Martin, Mumbai there are only 85 such beasts in the entire world. The Aston Martin Vanquish was launched […]Read More

Spotted-in-Mumbai first Ferrari LaFerrari in India

The very first Ferrari LaFerrari in India, spotted in the biggest metropolis of India in Mumbai by Hrishikesh Manjrekar for SupercarsofMumbai (Facebook page), thank you for the pictures! The LaFerrari was first unveiled at the 2013 Geneva Auto Show but was never officially launched on the Indian supercar market. India’s 1st Ferrari LaFerrari landed in […]Read More

Rs. 2.5 crore fine for over-speeding paid by a Ferrari

Some two weeks ago, John Pascal’s Ferrari was impounded by the police. The reason was that he was passing across the Worli promenade in South Mumbai at a very high speed. He was caught and arrested for over-speeding. He had to pay a hefty fine of Rs. 2.5 crores in the form of bonds in […]Read More

Petrol price slashed by over Rs. 1.5 a litre; while

In September-2013, Indian Oil Corporation slashed the petrol prices by Rs 3.05 per litre, while diesel price has witnessed a hike of 50 paise, following the same tradition the oil company today announced reducing the prices of petrol again by Rs 1.15 a litre effective midnight, sadly by increasing the diesel prices again by 50 […]Read More

Petrol price slashed by over Rs 3 a litre; while

After seven successive hikes since June-2013, the petrol prices have been slashed by Rs 3.05 per litre, while diesel price has witnessed a hike of 50 paise( both prices mentioned here are excluding local taxes). The new pricing would be effective from today (01-10-2013). On September 14, the price of petrol was last increased by […]Read More

Petrol prices slashed by Rs 3 per litre, the steepest

Petrol price was on Tuesday slashed by Rs 3 per litre, the steepest reduction in rates in over five years. The fourth reduction in rates since March means that petrol in Delhi will cost Rs 63.09 a litre with effect from midnight tonight as against Rs 66.09 per litre currently. As usual, the rates will vary […]Read More

Petrol prices to be slashed by Rs 1.00 per litre

The price of petrol has been cut by Re 1 per litre, effective midnight tonight — the third reduction in rates in one month. The price cut, which was made possible because of fall in international oil prices, excludes local sales tax or VAT. After including VAT, the reduction in price of petrol in Delhi […]Read More