Spotted-in-Mumbai first Ferrari LaFerrari in India

The very first Ferrari LaFerrari in India, spotted in the biggest metropolis of India in Mumbai by Hrishikesh Manjrekar for SupercarsofMumbai (Facebook page), thank you for the pictures! The LaFerrari was first unveiled at the 2013 Geneva Auto Show but was never officially launched on the Indian supercar market.

India’s 1st Ferrari LaFerrari landed in Mumbai

Ferrari says all cars have been sold, and interestingly the rumours on the web reveal 3 LaFerrari are allotted to India, one has already made way to India expect the others 2 to follow soon if the rumours are true! During its debut in Geneva rumours said price would be at least 1 million euros or $1.3 million dollars, that’s approximately Rs. 9.3 crores (exclusive of taxes). This thus has never been confirmed as there is simply no price without a launch.

No matter all that, the LaFerrari is probably worth a billion. Fast like hell and exclusive like shark fin. This, is the best toy money can buy. The LaFerrari is powered by a hybrid power train consisting of a screaming 6.3-litre V12 connected to a F1-style KERS system. Total output is 950hp and 900nm. Top speed is 350kmph and 0-100 kmph is gone in 2.7 seconds.

ferrari-laferrari-in-mumbaiLaferrari going crazy in Mumbai

Coming to the topic, this LaFerrari belongs to Mr. Gautam Singhania, MD & Chairman, Raymond and is also the founding Chairman of Super Car Club (SCC). Our good friends at MotorBeam say this Italian beast is only here for a visit, the 2015 Parx Supercar Show and the hypercar will head back once the event is over. The event is scheduled for 10th & 11th January, 2015 at Mahalaxmi Race Cource, Mumbai.

From the video, it seems LaFerrari has to waited until midnight before the traffic jams are completely gone and all those 950 horses can be used, hitting the asphalt!

Do check more pictures and a couple of videos, below the jump.

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Source – SupercarsofMumbai (Facebook page)