Tata Motors presents ‘Learn & Earn Scheme’ at technical institutes Mumbai & Gujarat


Tata Motors presents ‘Learn & Earn Scheme’ at technical institutes Mumbai & Gujarat

Tata Motors has for the first time, partnered with its dealer network to introduce a new ‘Learn & Earn Scheme’, at reputed technical institutes recently upgraded by the company in Vadodara, Ankleshwar and Mumbai. Tata Motors has partnered with –

  • Cargo Motors at St. Xavier Institute, Vadodara
  • Ambica Auto Sales and Service at St. Xavier’s Industrial Technical Centre, Ankleshwar
  • Bafna Motorsat Don Bosco Technical Institute, Kurla, Mumbai

As part of Tata Motors CSR initiative, the company facilitated upgradation of these private technical institutes training youth in automotive trades, also ensuring that they receive hands-on experience, along with a stipend for the services they render, at authorised Tata Motors service.

In a bid to promote employability through skills-enhancement and greater employment opportunities for the youth of India, Tata Motors has joined hands with various non-government organisations and ITI’s (Industrial technical Institutes) across the country, offering technical education in automotive trades, with an aim of assisting these institutes to fulfill the objectives laid down in the Prime Minister’s National Skill Development Mission. Through Tata Motors prestigious skill development program – Kaushalya, technical institutes will have well-defined training modules and facilities to create opportunities for multi-skilling.

Apart from introduction of the Learn & Earn Scheme, Tata Motors has assisted with value addition to the ITI’s curriculum by introduction of e-learning modules, cut section of engines, transmission, gearbox, wall-charts, course material, along with assistance in the upgradation of the center’s learning facilities. Tata Motors has also facilitated a 15-days training program for faculty members, on the latest automotive technologies at its plants in Jamshedpur and Pune. The company has also guided these institutions in establishing Driver Training Centres, with provision of a Driving Simulator for the purpose of training & enhancing driving skills.


Mr. Ravi Pisharody, Executive Director, Tata Motors Commercial Vehicles, said –

“Reports suggest that the average age in India will be 29 years by 2020, and if the country is to leverage its young workforce, it is imperative to impart the right skills, ensuring higher productivity and employability. We believe it is important that we join hands with the government and our partners alike, to help create this skilled workforce for the country, with hands-on training, and on the other hand incentivise them while studying. By far, Tata Motors has tied-up with over 135 Government ITI’s and over 10 Non Government Technical Institutes across India, through Kaushalya.”


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