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Hero Honda Karizma based custom Café Racer named ‘Sliver’

In the Indian motorcycling scenario, Hero Honda’s product Karizma has been one of the most legendary bike. What made this motorcycle the choice of the sports touring fraternity is its cozy dynamics couple with a relaxed long legged motor. However, when modern motorbike began to crowd the arena, Karizma was lost. But now it appears that the bike is back. Want to know more about it, then read on!

karizma-cafe-racer-silver-mean-green-customs-side-viewKarizma Café Racer Sliver by Mean Green Customs – SideView

We have heard that the Mean Green Customs, India now modified the Hero Honda Karizma into a beautiful creation. They have created a custom café race on this bike and has named it Sliver. The more you will look at this stunning bike, the more you will fall in love with its intricate bodywork. Every inch of this café racer will make you appreciate the effort that has gone into creating it. Custom girder forkset has been used for the front suspension that gives the bike a sporty look.

karizma-cafe-racer-silver-mean-green-customs-front-viewKarizma Café Racer Sliver by Mean Green Customs – FrontView

Every aspect of this beautiful café racer is something to admire. It is an absolute treat for your eyes. The café racer Sliver comes with a leather seat. It has handlebar hugging mirrors that have been embellished with the logo of Mean Green Customs. Sliver has racing striped on the tank and handlebar mounted LED blinkers too. The café race comes with its rare blinkers mounted on the pegs. This give the bike a very clean appearance.

karizma-cafe-racer-silver-mean-green-customs-rear-viewKarizma Café Racer Sliver by Mean Green Customs – RearView

No change has been made as far as the engine is concerned which means that the café race Sliver comes with a 223cc engine. The engine is powerful enough to deliver a power output of 17 BHP. Sliver has such gorgeous looks and is overall a very desirable bike. This stunning creation is really worth a stand at the studio of Mean Green Customs.

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Comparo – Hero Honda Karizma R v/s ZMR








Source – PipeBurn


Garage Garage - Bikes Hero Motocorp Special Posts

Garage – Yousuf’s Karizma-R

Garage – Yousuf’s Karizma-R
Garage – Yousuf’s Karizma-R
Date of acquired – July 2009
Efficiency – 40.06kmpl
Distance covered – 15,729 km
COSTS – Disc pad Kit Rs.349/-, Chain spocket Rs.856/-
For – Performance, plush ride, fit and finish
Drawbacks – Nothing much, spares are an issue though.

Let me tell you the story that made me choose the Karizma as my street weapon. Since childhood I’m an avid fan of sports cars and bikes, so as the time came for me to choose a bike I went straight ahead for the karizma with no other 2nd thought.

Hero Honda karizma comes with a semi fairing at the front which is first in an Indian bike, later copied to Bajaj Pulsar 220, Honda Stunner and more. Though the engine is not completely covered it has a sporty cowl added for both safety of the engine and good looks. The bike has big and striking dimensions and can accommodate 2 people in sheer comfort. Unlike the Yamaha R15 and TVS Apache that provide cramped seating position for hefty and stout people, Karizma wins my heart in comfortable position for riding.

The main disadvantage of the bike is its rear tyre. It is not a big concern for those who live in posh areas and don’t need to ride tough and muddy roads. The grip is the actual concern. The tyre is not having good grip in the centre of circumference. It makes it to skid on slippery roads and very difficult to lean on curves with such low width tyres.

Another thing is that, it lacks leg guard. It may be a disadvantage for many but not for me at least. I met 3 accidents in these two years riding Karizma and my legs were never severely injured. Infact bike is designed for perfect safety.

Horn that bike is accompanied from showroom is not suitable for bike. So, most of the Karizma riders, prefer to replace it before going for first ride. One more fault which I have seen in many other Karizma’s beside my own that its wisor is never stable and keeps on vibrating at high speeds. The demerits and merits may vary from rider to rider as per likings and disliking but faults would never. And few of them are above which I have analyzed myself.


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Comparo – Hero Honda Karizma R v/s ZMR

Hero Honda Karizma R v/s ZMR

We got a good response for both our article 2011 HH Karizma-R, as well as 2011 HH Karizma-ZMR. Hence bharathautos team decided to have a comparo between both the motorcycles. While there’s been a deluge of new Karizma’s in the last couple of months, choosing one out of the two has become more difficult than ever, what if the same manufacturer offering almost the same engine, quality, style and performance in a slightly different package. Azhar and Affaque help you narrow down the choices.

For a moment, forget the time around 2003-04, when the newly launched Karizma’s sales took off since it was the first and only quarter-faired quarter-litre (well almost) sports motorcycle of India. Fast forward to 2007, when the Indian premium bike segment was heating up with better machinery and the Karizma’s sales still continued to amaze even though the bike itself hadn’t undergone significant upgrades. So why was it selling so well? Well, for one, even my friend’s dog will tell you that the Karizma was undoubtedly one of the best sport tourers in the country with enviable reliability. The Karizma also was ‘THE head-turner’ for our fairing hungry janata. When Hero Honda went on to add a belly pan and the ‘R’ moniker to the 2007 model, the poseur crowd was elated beyond the limit. So when the news started floating of a new Karizma for 2010, we were more than convinced that it would be another HH bike conceived in Adobe Photoshop™ than an engineering facility.

Hero Honda Karizma R v/s ZMR - Tested

But we were wrong. It was more than just a cosmetic upgrade, and the Photoshop job wasn’t carried out well! When the first scoop shots raised their head on the internet, we were horrified at what we saw. But we would rather blame it to the bad camera angles in the scoop shots; in reality the design looks much better. The bike does look disproportionate, but it depends on what angle you are looking at it from. As the pictures suggest, the ZMR is definitely larger in stance than the good ol’ R. The ZMR’s full fairing is bloated up along its width to gel proportionally with the high stance of the Karizma. But look at the bike from side profile and its looks as saggy as a woman in her late fifties. The Karizma R on the other hand looks more balanced and has sleek lines that highlight a youthful and sporty stance. Even without the inclusion of any LED taillights, the R’s tail still looks one of the best in the country. The ZMR’s tail on the other hand tries to replicate the design of the 2002 VFR800 Interceptor and somewhat fails at it. The taillight LEDs when lit, look like the mouth of a Sucker Fish sucking against aquarium!

Hero Honda Karizma R v/s ZMR - Front

Another VFR rip-off is the set of split grab-rails. With the towering tail of the ZMR, these grab-rails are sure to rip through your pillion’s pants every time they try to board the rear seat. We really think the pillion seat is a tad too high on the ZMR. Speaking of the seat, the ZMR’s saddle looks similar to the R’s but seems to have incorporated a mushier sponge for better comfort. The clip-on handle bars aren’t adjustable but are a tad lower as compared to the ultra high bars on the R, thus making for a better peg-handle-seat equation. However taller riders might find the ZMR’s fairing irksome as it tends to hit the knees under hard braking. A higher tank height and further backwards mounted rear-set foot pegs could have helped. Sit on the ZMR and it even feels bigger than the R, thanks to the fairing and the large console. The new clocks look futuristic and have gone completely digital as far as the read outs are concerned. However, it still continues to derive the speedometer reading from the front wheel unlike the VFR which derives the velocity from math done by the ECU. We guess replicating that bit from VFR would have cost a bomb! The console has some party wear on it too, like the digital welcome note, which lets you input your name and then greets you everytime you switch on and switch off the bike. But since this feature accepts only six characters, Affaque was even more furious now. The Karizma R’s console on the other hand looks quite dated now with the onslaught of the digital consoles on almost every bike including a cheap Bajaj 125cc.

Hero Honda Karizma R v/s ZMR - SideView

Both the bikes share the same engine. The ZMR however gets fuel injection and oil cooler. Under the ZMR’s flab is the same old heart, displacing 223cc and producing 17PS. What’s changed is the carburetion, which now uses a fuel-injector with Honda’s patented programmable mapping system unlike the carb on the R. Since the fairing hampers the cooling rate of the engine, an oil cooler, much similar to the Pulsar 2xxs has been incorporated. Throughout our testing process, the bike did not show any signs of overheating even in traffic, but since there is no temperature warning light anywhere on the bike it’s difficult to tell on an average day. Apart from this, the engine works exactly the way you expect a Karizma engine to function. In real world conditions, the added weight of the fairing doesn’t make the acceleration or roll-ons feel any sluggish as compared to that of the R. Even with my weight and a heavy pillion, the ZMR and the R pulled equally well. The ZMR however was more comfortable with the gas damped rear suspension which showed reluctance to bottom out whereas the R’s springs gave way.The basic design of the front indicators is same in both the bikes, the tails however are worlds apart.

Hero Honda Karizma R v/s ZMR - Rear

So is the Karizma ZMR worth the extra dough? Let me put it this way – the Karizma’s bread and butter comes from the poseur crowd as I mentioned earlier. Most of these owners have been buying the bike and then donning it with hazardous full fairing kits to make it looks like a ‘superbike’. With the ZMR, these bunches of people are getting exactly what they need, more so with a ‘Tested for QA’ badge! For the hardcore sport tourers, Hero Honda has done justice by giving you fuel injection which should help you scale the Himalayas without running out of breath; a loud yet decent horn and a well spread headlight illumination for grabbing the truck-wala’s attention on the highway; a better suspension to aid handling and finally, tubeless tyres in 18” configuration. So if you look at it, this is THE Karizma you ever wanted. If you have been saving up for a Karizma, this is one ‘kitted’ bike you can buy at a premium. The negative part is that it’s still just an upgrade over the Karizma R, and not a completely new (more powerful?) product you would have expected 6 years after the original Karizma’s inception.

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More pictures of Hero Honda Karizma R v/s ZMR –

Hero Honda Karizma R v/s ZMR - 001 Hero Honda Karizma R v/s ZMR - 002 Hero Honda Karizma R v/s ZMR - 003 Hero Honda Karizma R v/s ZMR - 004

Upcoming Bikes Yamaha

Yamaha ready with its liquid cooled 250cc warrior

Yamaha FZ-250

Since the launch of the FZ-series there has been speculation that Yamaha India will introduce a bigger capacity FZ bike. Pictures have been floating around on the Net for the past two years and many things have been said about the bike. However, all of its is about to end because Bike India Magazine has learnt that Yamaha India is ready with such a machine.

Yes, it is true, Yamaha is finally ready to fulfil the wishes of many enthusiasts who wanted a bigger FZ. This new bike will be equipped with a 250cc, liquid cooled, 4value, fuel injected single cylinder motor that is speculated to produce 24PS. The bike will boast a similar styling as the current FZ16.

However, some styling features will be changed in order to differentiate the bike from its younger sibling. But things like mono shock rear suspension and thick tyres will be retained along with the addition of a rear disc break. The price of the 250cc FZ is said to be between Rs. 1.4 – 1.6 lakh.

Yamaha FZ-250 SideView

The bike will hit the showrooms soon, not yet officially confirmed. It seems that Yamaha is keen on taking over the premium bike segment in India; hence the move to launch the 250. The company has achieved considerable success with its products like the R15 and FZ16. However, in the 250cc category it will have to face some serious heat from the recently launched Honda CBR250 and upcoming Bajaj Pulsar 250.

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Note – These Images are for reference purpose only, it is a FZ 16 converted into a 250cc machine. The actual bike varies from the image shown here. For more info of FZ 16 converted into a 250cc machine click here

More pictures of FZ 16 converted into a 250cc machine –

Yamaha FZ 250 - 001       Yamaha FZ 250 - 002       Yamaha FZ 250 - 003       Yamaha FZ 250 - 004

Image credit – Motoroids

Hero Motocorp Recent Launches - Bikes

Hero Honda Karizma R 2011 launched

Hero Honda has launched the new version of its popular 223 CC Hero Honda Karizma. We mentioned about the 2011 Hero Honda Karizma Spotted earlier. The new model Hero Honda Karizma R 2011 features cosmetic upgrades. The Karizma R does not change significantly on the engine or mechanical front. It still comes equipped with the same 223cc 17 BHP powerful 4 stroke petrol engine. The major changes are on the cosmetic front which makes it look more sport and racing like bike. Below is a detailed list of changes of new Model Karizma R 2011 compared to the old model of Hero Honda Karizma.
Karizma brochure

Hero Honda Karizma R 2011 vs Hero Honda Karizma Old model

The model of Hero Honda Karizma comes with the following upgrades and changes :

  • New Style Visor
  • New Body graphics and sporty stickers
  • Larger front disk brakes
  • New Sporty Under cowl with Premium Sports Graphics
  • New ASFS Engine
  • New Meter console
  • New Racing Type Key with red R –mark
  • New chrome plated exhaust muffler

2011 Karizma-R

Hero Honda Karizma R 2011 Detailed Specifications

  • Air cooled 4 stroke single cylinder petrol engine
  • Displacement 223 CC
  • Max Power 17 BHP
  • Max Torque 18.35 Nm
  • Top Speed 125 KMPH
  • 0 to 60 KMPH in 3.8 Sec
  • Self Start
  • 5 Speed Manual transmission
  • 276 mm frond disk brake
  • 130mm rear drum brake
  • 18 inch dia wheels
  • Front telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers
  • Rear – Swing Arm with 5 step adjustment, hydraulic suspension
  • Height 1160mm, length 2125 mm, width 753 mm
  • wheelbase 1355 mm, ground clearance 150 mm
  • Kerb weight 150 Kg
  • Fuel tank capacity 15 Litre with 2 litres reserve
  • Tubular single cradle diamond type chassis

2011 Karizma-R

Colours available in New Karizma R:

  • Force Silver
  • Sport Red
  • Daring Yellow
  • Spotlight White
  • Power Black

2011 Karizma-R Brouchre

New Hero Honda Karizma R 2011 Prices

  • Red Cast – Rs. 84622 (On-Road Price, Delhi)
  • Black Cast – Rs. 83854 (On-Road Price, Delhi)

the (Ex-showroom price, Delhi) are Rs. 75800 and Rs. 75100 respectively.

Hero Motocorp News

Ranbir Kapoor to become new face of Hero Group

Break ups are becoming more common for the Hero Group. After breaking up with their 25 year partner – Honda, The Hero Group is also breaking up with their brand ambassador Hrithik Roshan and signing up Ranbir Kapoor as a replacement.

Ranbir On Bike

According to the sources, Ranbir kappor Bollywood Actor can be the brand ambassador of a motorbike company. The rumors said that this super star might be the upcoming brand image of Hero Honda Bikes like Aamir Khan is the brand image for Mahindra Bikes. Today, Ranbir Kapoor covers the category of most popular Bollywood Stars and because of his high brand values; he can bring more consumers for this largest motocycle making company. Very soon you will find Ranbir Kapoor as posing in front of bikes such as Hero Honda Passion Pro, Hero Honda Splendor, Hero Honda Karizma and many more. If cared properly, then the bike of Hero Honda will need little to no maintenance. The owner of the bike will enjoy great fuel efficiency benefit because of the mileage of the bikes.

Hero Honda Bikes is known for choosing top class brand ambassador for their motorbikes every time. Priyanka Chopra Bollywood Star and Cricketer Virendra Sehwag along with whole Indian cricket team are also involved in the advertisements of Hero Honda Bikes.  The Indian cricket team members are actually seen in brand advertisement of Hero Honda Bikes that come with a tagline of “Hero Honda Dhak Dhak Go”. The advertisement of Hero Honda Pleasure is starred by Priyanka Chopra as she is the brand ambassador of this model of Hero Honda.

Now Ranbir Kapoor, the Bollywood Hunk is getting ready to pump the motorbikes of Hero Honda. He has also done ads of Pepsi cold drink, Nissan Micra, Panasonic and many others.  During these days, doing advertisements for 2-wheelers is a trend which is followed by almost all top class actors including Asmir Khan for Mahindra bikes, John Abraham for Yamaha Bikes, etc. many other TV actors are also performing as the brand ambassador for other brands of Bikes. We can only hope that this new relationship between HH and Ranbir continue for long.

Bikes Snapped Hero Motocorp Special Posts

Snap – HH Karizma ZMR Fi

Karizma ZMR-FI

Hero Honda recentley launched the much awaited tourer bike – Karizma ZMR Fi in Indian Market. Karizma ZMR will be sold along with old Karizma-R model, Hero Honda has decided not to phase out Karizma R Infact give it a small-facelift (Refer 2011 Hero Honda Karizma Spotted Article for more info) and sell both the models side by side. They don’t want to end the competition for Apache 180 & Pulsar 220 as Karizma R is priced around Rs. 80,000/-.

The stance remains the same as the old Karizma which is still considered to be the best touring bike in India with smooth, refined and relaxed Honda engine at the helm. The major and much needed change is addition of programmed fuel injection (PGM-FI) in the engine. Additionally it also gets disc brake at the rear, Gas charged rear shock absorbers, little increase in power and torque.

In terms of looks the most visible change is heavy looking full front fairing with a lot of snazzy graphics with ‘ZMR’ stickers. Though it seems a little bit overworked and gives Karizma ZMR a plasticy look. The designers at Hero Honda ‘R&D’ must have been a fan of Suzuki Hayabusa!! As far as new features are concerned the New Karizma ZMR gets all new headlamps with integrated blinkers and new tail lamps which are now LED ones.

Karizma ZMR-FI

The fit and finish is quite good, there are no panel gaps and paint quality is awesome. The rear view mirrors have been mounted on the front fairing unlike Yamaha R15, which is the best part of the facelift and it gives Karizma ZMR a very aggressive look if viewed from front. But the main problem is if you view the bike from side – the front doesn’t gel with the slim looking rear. Hero Honda should have made the rear end a bit heavy to match it with the heavy front fairing. All in all, New Karizma ZMR looks much better than the outgoing model which started looking very outdated (Karizma launched in May 2003) in comparison to the Yamaha R15, Bajaj Pulsar 220, TVS Apache RTR 180 & Honda CBF Stunner Fi.

Karizma ZMR-FI Speedo The Instrument cluster is best looking part in Karizma ZMR. Insert the key and you are greeted with a long scrolling message which ends with “Bon Voyage Fly Safe”. The display is now full digital including the tachometer which has been designed in round shape under a horizontal digital display which looks very cool especially at night.

The display also shows real time fuel consumption which is very helpful in maintaining good mileage. Other tells n tales include the speedometer, trip meter, fuel indicator, clock and rev counter. The switchgear remains the same and, in true Hero Honda fashion, there is no engine kill switch. The instrument cluster features dual colour illumination – the tachometer is lit in white while the rest gets an orange backlight.

Karizma ZMR-FI

10 New Design Features of Hero Honda Karizma ZMR:

1. Full Front Fairing
2. Split Clip on Handle Bars
3. Split Rear Grab Rails
4. Mirrors Mounted On the Fairing
5. New Rear Mud Guard
6. New Headlamp & Tail Lamp Which Is Now LED
7. Rear Disc Brakes
8. Turn Indicators Mounted On Front Fairing
9. New Graphics
10. Slightly Reprofiled Body Work

Karizma ZMR-FI EngineNew Karizma ZMR Fi is powered by the same 223cc engine but has been altered by Hero Honda engineers, now it gets fuel injection which has increased the maximum power to 17.6 Bhp at 7000 rpm which is up by 0.6 Bhp and maximum torque has been increased by .15 Nm which is now 18.35 Nm @ 6000 rpm.

Hero Honda has claimed top speed of 126 kmph and 0-60 km in 3.7 seconds in its official brochure but it is still slower than the current fastest bike in this segment – The Pulsar 220, which has top speed of 144 kmph. Also I expected much more power and torque from the altered Fuel Injected engine, Karizma ZMR should have been atleast touching around 20 Bhp with 21-23 Nm torque.

The PGM-Fi system is equipped with a 12 hole fuel injector, 16 bit ECU and 6 high-tech sensors to scan the engine operating parameters like air pressure, air temperature, and engine temperature to ensure the optimum air / fuel ratio under dynamic conditions. An advanced vertical oil cooler provides efficient cooling to the high performance engine and the IACV (Idle air control valve) ensures idle stability and smoothens response to throttle changes.

Hero Honda Karizma ZMR is available in five colours:

  • Pearl White
  • Moon Yellow
  • Panther Black
  • Sports Red
  • Vibrant Blue

In my opinion Karizma ZMR looks best in White colour which gives it a bigger and sportier look. In yellow and red shades it looks a bit plasticy and down grade.

Karizma ZMR-FI

New Hero Honda Karizma ZMR has been priced at Rs. 95,900 (On-Road New Delhi). The price is on the higher side in comparison to Bajaj Pulsar 220 which comes almost 13,000 cheaper and is more powerful in comparison to Karizma Fi. But Karizma is Liquid Cooled and technically more advanced in comparison to Pulsar 220. Also Karizma ZMR is a quality product, there is no compromise in quality of materials and paint quality.

Comparison Of New Karizma ZMR, Pulsar 220, Yamaha R15 & Apache RTR 180

Specifications Karizma ZMR Pulsar 220 Yamaha R15 Apache 180
Engine 4 Stroke 4 Stroke 4 Stroke 4 Stroke
Displacement 223cc (FI) 220cc 149.8cc (FI) 177.4cc
Max Power 17.6 Bhp-7000 rpm 21 Bhp-8500 rpm 17 Bhp-8500 rpm 17.3 Bhp-8500 rpm
Max Torque 18.5 Nm-6000 rpm 19 Nm-7000 rpm 15 Nm-7500 rpm 15.5 Nm-6500 rpm
Gears 5 Speed 5 Speed 6 Speed 5 Speed
Cooling Type Liquid Cooled Air Cooled Liquid Cooled Air Cooled
Top Speed 126 kmph 144 kmph 135 kmph 125 kmph
0-60 kmph 3.7 secs 4.7 secs 5.12 secs 4.35 secs
Brakes Discs Discs Discs Discs
Kerb Weight 159 kg 152 kg 131 kg 137 kg
Price 95.9* 83.6* 102.7* 67.1*

*Prices in 1000s (ON-ROAD, Delhi)

More pictures of Karizma ZMR-FI

Karizma ZMR-FI  Karizma ZMR-FI Rear Karizma ZMR-FI Front Disc Karizma ZMR-FI Clip-ons

Upcoming Bikes Yamaha

Yamaha’s FZ250 coming to India this year

Yamaha is likely to launch FZ250, the 250cc engine-powered FZ motorcycle to take on Honda’s CBR250. Yamaha FZ250 will come with latest technology such as fuel injection, liquid cooling and four valve motor. The bike is expected to be launched in mid 2011.

Since the naked design theme of FZ series has a huge fan following in India, Yamaha could launch the FZ250 with naked fairing unlike the upcoming Honda CBR250R with full fairing. FZ250 is much-awaited in the country because the FZ chassis is very capable of being powered by a meatier engine.

Some sources speculate that the new FZ250 will be powered by an oil-cooled 250 cc engine that produces 20 hp and a maximum torque of 20.5 Nm. The engine will be mated to a 5 speed gearbox. Yamaha FZ250 could have edgier design to show its evolution from the FZ 153 cc bikes. The headlight could be similar to FZ 16 except for two pilot lamps on top of the headlight like in the TVS Flame SR. The instrument panel could also be digital and the tank could be bulkier with elongated tank shrouds. The seats of the new FZ250 could get wider seats with better comfort for pillion too. The tail lamps could be designed based on R1 LED tail lights. Yamaha could offer the FZ250 with disc brakes at the front and the rear.


Some others speculate that Yamaha could also launch the Scorpio Z-255. In the Indonesian market, Yamaha sells Scorpio Z-255. The Scorpio is powered by a 223 cc air-cooled engine that produces 18 bhp at 8000 rpm and maximum torque of 17.5 Nm at 6500 rpm. We can expect the bike to return a decent mileage of 35 – 40 km/litre.

If Yamaha is planning to launch this motorcycle in India with an attractive price tag of Rs. 1 lakh – Rs. 1.5 lakh, Hero Honda Karizma and Bajaj Pulsar220 will be in serious trouble. Besides, there is speculation that Bajaj will launch a bigger Pulsar 250 cc. The Honda CBR250R is powered by a newly-developed liquid-cooled 250cc 4 stroke, 4 valve, single cylinder DOHC engine that is fed by an electronically controlled fuel injection system (PGM-FI). We expect power of above 30 bhp and a torque above 18 Nm from this Honda engine.

Honda has started taking the bookings for CBR250R and the booking amount is Rs. 5000. The motorcycle will be launched in two variants, the standard variant which will be priced at around Rs. 1.5 lakh and the ABS version which will be priced at approximately Rs. 1.8 lakh. Honda CBR250R, Yamaha FZ250 and Bajaj Pulsar 250 could mark the next era of powerful streetfighter motorcycles in the country.