Yamaha ready with its liquid cooled 250cc warrior

Yamaha FZ-250

Since the launch of the FZ-series there has been speculation that Yamaha India will introduce a bigger capacity FZ bike. Pictures have been floating around on the Net for the past two years and many things have been said about the bike. However, all of its is about to end because Bike India Magazine has learnt that Yamaha India is ready with such a machine.

Yes, it is true, Yamaha is finally ready to fulfil the wishes of many enthusiasts who wanted a bigger FZ. This new bike will be equipped with a 250cc, liquid cooled, 4value, fuel injected single cylinder motor that is speculated to produce 24PS. The bike will boast a similar styling as the current FZ16.

However, some styling features will be changed in order to differentiate the bike from its younger sibling. But things like mono shock rear suspension and thick tyres will be retained along with the addition of a rear disc break. The price of the 250cc FZ is said to be between Rs. 1.4 – 1.6 lakh.

Yamaha FZ-250 SideView

The bike will hit the showrooms soon, not yet officially confirmed. It seems that Yamaha is keen on taking over the premium bike segment in India; hence the move to launch the 250. The company has achieved considerable success with its products like the R15 and FZ16. However, in the 250cc category it will have to face some serious heat from the recently launched Honda CBR250 and upcoming Bajaj Pulsar 250.

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Note – These Images are for reference purpose only, it is a FZ 16 converted into a 250cc machine. The actual bike varies from the image shown here. For more info of FZ 16 converted into a 250cc machine click here

More pictures of FZ 16 converted into a 250cc machine –

Yamaha FZ 250 - 001       Yamaha FZ 250 - 002       Yamaha FZ 250 - 003       Yamaha FZ 250 - 004

Image credit – Motoroids