Spy Shots – Royal Enfield Classic 500 caught testing by ARAI; What could be the changes?

Royal Enfield Classic 500 (spied) - 001

Royal Enfield has been really pushing hard to reach the top market position and is very well successful in doing so. The recently launches were a huge success and the met the buyers requirements. After having a range of bikes right from the Classic 350 to the Thurderbird 500 there are a host of cruisers. One of such successful launches of RE was the Classic 500 EFI which was launched in November 2009 and was a major hit, since it a lot of RE riders already admired the older version of Classic 500.

Recently the RE Classic 500 was caught on camera going through the ARAI Test at Pune. Although by looking at the pictures there does not seem any visible design or styling changes but instead could be some internal changes. There were speculations about a carb version of the Classic 500, but not sure if this is it. Also there are a lot minor issues like oil leaks, heavy vibrations at high speeds, problems in starting in cold weather conditions, poor weld quality and some electrical problems that the owners face.

Although it’s the love of the RE Classic 500 for which the owners still love their bike and accept it even if there are some flaws in it, well there flaws in everyone, but you don’t stop loving them. RE might have fixed all such small problems in its newer version of the Classic 500. So far all we can do is wait for some more news, but these images do mean that RE is concerned about its owners an want to live up to their expectations otherwise why test bike that are already in the market.

One thing that we couldn’t help but notice, none of the test riders is wearing a helmet, now that`s just not expected from such an esteemed organization like ARAI. Especially when the bikes are tagged, “On Test by ARAI”.
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Royal Enfield Classic 500 (spied) - 002

Royal Enfield Classic 500 (spied) - 003

Royal Enfield Classic 500 (spied) - 004