Hero Honda Karizma R 2011 launched

Hero Honda has launched the new version of its popular 223 CC Hero Honda Karizma. We mentioned about the 2011 Hero Honda Karizma Spotted earlier. The new model Hero Honda Karizma R 2011 features cosmetic upgrades. The Karizma R does not change significantly on the engine or mechanical front. It still comes equipped with the same 223cc 17 BHP powerful 4 stroke petrol engine. The major changes are on the cosmetic front which makes it look more sport and racing like bike. Below is a detailed list of changes of new Model Karizma R 2011 compared to the old model of Hero Honda Karizma.
Karizma brochure

Hero Honda Karizma R 2011 vs Hero Honda Karizma Old model

The model of Hero Honda Karizma comes with the following upgrades and changes :

  • New Style Visor
  • New Body graphics and sporty stickers
  • Larger front disk brakes
  • New Sporty Under cowl with Premium Sports Graphics
  • New ASFS Engine
  • New Meter console
  • New Racing Type Key with red R –mark
  • New chrome plated exhaust muffler

2011 Karizma-R

Hero Honda Karizma R 2011 Detailed Specifications

  • Air cooled 4 stroke single cylinder petrol engine
  • Displacement 223 CC
  • Max Power 17 BHP
  • Max Torque 18.35 Nm
  • Top Speed 125 KMPH
  • 0 to 60 KMPH in 3.8 Sec
  • Self Start
  • 5 Speed Manual transmission
  • 276 mm frond disk brake
  • 130mm rear drum brake
  • 18 inch dia wheels
  • Front telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers
  • Rear – Swing Arm with 5 step adjustment, hydraulic suspension
  • Height 1160mm, length 2125 mm, width 753 mm
  • wheelbase 1355 mm, ground clearance 150 mm
  • Kerb weight 150 Kg
  • Fuel tank capacity 15 Litre with 2 litres reserve
  • Tubular single cradle diamond type chassis

2011 Karizma-R

Colours available in New Karizma R:

  • Force Silver
  • Sport Red
  • Daring Yellow
  • Spotlight White
  • Power Black

2011 Karizma-R Brouchre

New Hero Honda Karizma R 2011 Prices

  • Red Cast – Rs. 84622 (On-Road Price, Delhi)
  • Black Cast – Rs. 83854 (On-Road Price, Delhi)

the (Ex-showroom price, Delhi) are Rs. 75800 and Rs. 75100 respectively.

  • Lebanoclegi

    I was waiting for new hero honda bike Good info. Big thanks for that.

  • Rahul

    I want to buy this bike…but when would i get this bike…
    i want it as soon as possible…

  • This bike in now on sale in all Hero Honda outlets across India

  • Sam

    how much it cost for brand new model
    black color i need to buy it!!!!!!
    tel me pls

  • Yes,you can go ahead to purchase this model and black color costs as follows;

    City (On-Road, price of 2011 Karizma-R)
    Bangalore 88,895
    Mumbai 87,977
    Delhi 84,622
    Chennai 83,890

  • janu

    am going to buy karizma R (black with red wheels). What is the cost of it, 2011 in hyd on road.
    please give me total details..

  • Janu karizma R (black with red wheels) Costs around Rs. 86,449/-(On-Road price,Hyderabad)

  • suneel.

    i have bought new karizma r 2011 model.when i ride iits front wheel start bubbling even in a smooth road.is there is any problem in the bike or wheel?

  • Suneel as I heard this is a Technical problem in most of Karizma’s front tyre and shockers. Front wheel start bubbling like it may have low air pressure and also starts jumping up and down. As yours is a new vehicle concern to your authorised dealer and explain about the problem.

  • tabrez

    i need d exact cost of karizma new 2011 edition in hyderabad..plz can any1……….

  • 2011 Hero Honda Karizma R – Rs.75,768/- (Ex-showroom Hyderabad, Price)
    Hero Honda Karizma ZMR – Rs.95,671/- (Ex-showroom Hyderabad, Price)

  • kannan

    i need this karizma R 2011 edition in white color i am ready with the cash please send me a info about the bike where is available in or out which is near to chennai. . . my contact no 9841521323

  • HH 2011 Karizma R (Spotlight White color)
    Black Cast Rs.83,890/- (On-Road price, Chennai)
    Red Cast Rs.84,660/- (On-Road price, Chennai)

    To see the dealer locator at Chennai please click the link below –

  • rohit

    sir, pls give me some tips for the maintenance of mileage in karizma?? presently, mileage is giving only 30 (around)

  • We recommends bikers to put the choke, self start the engine and leave it for 10-15 seconds so that the oil gets heated up and the luke warn low density oil finds it easy to circulate through upto the top of the engine. Do not leave the choke for too long as it would flood the engine with fuel. Do not open the throttle until it has run for atleast 5 km distance and the engine comes to a normal operating heat range.

    If you gun the engine in cold conditions as soon as you start it, there would not be enough lubrication in the engine and it leads to more friction which ultimately damages the piston and the engine and hence your mileage will be low.

    If you go to a gym, your coach will ask you to warm up before you do some heavy lifting and iron pumping… this is just like that. Your bike is not much different from your body!

    Another good tip worth mentioning is to remove the saree guard if there is no use for it. I am a student and even after I get married I do not expect my wife to sit on the high back seat of Karizma… I would be probably getting a free car as a gift at that time . So I removed the saree guard as soon as I bought it. It reduces dead weight by 4-5 kg and would definitely improve the performance of the engine and increase fuel efficiency.

    Some basic fuel efficiency tips that you may have already known are 1. Switch off your engine during signals with long waiting periods. 2. Change your oil according to your manufacturer’s recommendations. 3. Check your tube’s pressure every month… higher pressure than the recommended value would give you more mileage but less friction and stability. So keep it to the optimum value.

    Just by following these simple tips, you can improve your bike’s mileage by up to 10-15%. If you have similar tips on how to improve mileage, please do share them with rest of us. We will soon post an article on this ‘Tips for Improving Your Bike’s Mileage’.

  • Nithin

    Can i put nitrogen air in the tyres?

  • franco

    i am hearing that hero honda has plans to stop karizma R production..and sell only the ZMR model…is it true..i want to buy karizma R

  • Hero Honda is currently selling both Karizma ZMR and Karizma R in India and they have no plans to discontinue the Karizma R as it is selling in very good numbers and is very popular choice among young buyers. But rumours are spread that after the launch of the Karizma 250R, Hero Honda will discontinue the Karizma R.

  • Nitrogen in tires is becoming a popular replacement for standard air. Nitrogen is all around us… the air we breathe is 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and the rest is small amounts of other gasses. When it comes to tire inflation, nitrogen has many advantages over oxygen. With nitrogen tire inflation, improvements can be noted in a vehicle’s handling, fuel efficiency and tire life through better tire pressure retention, improved fuel economy and cooler running tire temperatures.

    As many people are unaware of this technique we will soon post an article related to this.

  • naveen

    dont u think they should change handle ,and bring digital speedometer to the new version

  • shashank

    karisma sabse bekar bike hai. sote se kade mein lago to tail लाइट रेड कलर का cover ka morrior hilta hai or karizma ka maath के साथ ज्वाइन मिर्रोर है है वो चलते चलते आवाज़ करता है जादा बगाव तो स्लो सिटी जेसी आवाज करता है.

    सबसे बकर bike hai

  • shashank

    sabse bekar bike hai hai ………………..
    nam khali karisma hai ……………….
    body avaz karti hai ………………
    jada bagao to engine kavaz karta lagta hai ki engion beath gaya hai
    halke fulke gade mein tail light ka hilte rahte hai
    or mathe ke upar brown color ka glass to chalte chalte hi avaz kar ta hai

    laker pachta raha hu mein to chala ta bhi nahi u road tax se ek dine pahle lithi or aaz ki date mein 2600 kilomete hi chalai hai or ab to haa hi nahi laga ta hu gand bike hai………………….

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  • sreepalsingh

    sir plz tell me the price in kerala 4 karizma r and more important details plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • 2011 Hero Honda Karizma Approx. 81,200/- (On-Road price, Kerala)

  • Sagi

    A good many vluaables you’ve given me.

  • Sundance

    Cheers pal. I do apprcieate the writing.

  • Karizma r my life two wheelar

  • msk

    Hi, dear friend I am planning to buy a bike with decent mileage, superb looking and atleast > 150 cc bike and the cost should be below Rs.90000. Would prefer any Bike from the current market.
    My other interests on bikes…
    1). I like Bikes from Honda, like Honda Unicorn & Karima R from Hero Honda.
    2). I connot go for Pulsor as I didnt like the engine sound, look n feel and other stuff.
    3). I might as well ready to buy Royal Enfield Classic 350 as I am interested on good engine power…but need to take loan on more than Rs. 90000.

    I am in a position not able to decide whether to go for decent bikes like HH Karizma R 2011 or Honda Unicorn or BIG Bike RY Classic350……..:(

    And I have read your comments above (Karizma R …this is a Technical problem in most of Karizma’s front tyre and shockers.) what is this problem & is this common for all Karizma R bikes and to ensure the new bike doesnt have this issue?
    Please can you help me choosing a great bike….?

  • Choose your motorcycle depending on what you require from it. Having looked through your requirements from a bike, we suggest you buy the Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler as it offers a better balance of performance and fuel economy that you seek.

    Karizma R front wheel has this problem and its not common for all Karizma R motorcycles.

  • john

    i need to know how much should i pay for booking this bike…either ex-showroom or the on road price?

  • prateek

    please tell me about average of karizma R

  • sameer

    very good and super bike its amazing and very powerful

  • Pavan

    ही कैन यू प्लेअसे तेल में थे प्रिसे ऑफ़ करिज्मा र इन बंगलोरे.


  • i want front indicator covers and back indicators in white colour 2011 model but i search total hyd herohond showrooms and spares shops at ramkot but it did’t get so what should i have to do and for that indicators where should i have to go for that ha. One thing iam from mbngr

  • prakash

    can you tell me the actual price of karizma R 2011 plz its urgent (road price and ex-showroom price)

  • akshay singh panwar

    हे फ़्रिएन्द्ज़..!! इ नीद अ दिफ्फेरेंत कोलोर पफ करिज्मा.. कुलद उ तेल में डी लतेस्ट कोलोर्स??

  • akshay singh panwar

    hey frndz.. i need a different color of karizma… coul u plz tel me the latest colors ??? reply must..

  • sahil

    मुझे बताओ कम्पनी करिज्मा आर में रिअर डिस्क क्यों नहीं लगा रही है में वेट कर रहा हु उनको लगाना चाहिए अगर लगा रही है तो कब तक लगाएगी रेपली में मूझे byk लेनी है और में बिना रिअर डिस्क के लेना नहीं चाहता zmr मुझे पसंद नहीं इट्स लुक लिखे अ बिग डब्बा

  • sahil


  • parimal patel

    karizma is the best bike ever.. called king of the road

  • sagar

    I love dis new model of karizma R but as am a student now so am bit afraid for fuel affording so plz help how I ll manage i love the force silver colour.Please do reply..

  • sagar

    karizma is d bst byk evr i rode…
    i love its sound,speed,pick up evrythng in its are sexy

  • Naveen kanth

    sir,can u specify the cost of new karizma R 2011 ex-showroom(Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh)..I have been waiting since 1month for new karizma r….

  • sushil

    ऐसा नहीं हूँ सकता की करिज्मा र को हीरो होंडा बंद कर दे . करिज्मा आर तो बेस्ट है जेड ऍम अरे से भी..

  • sagar

    Any body can tell me that how much milege of karizma R in local and highway. i am planing to buy this bike. as well as soon. and also i have one suggesstion that plz launch one stylish bike as like r15 in motor corp. i will wait for it. thanks…love hero moto……it is real hero.

  • fredy

    hello….is that ok to go a long distance before firstservice with my karizma….

  • i had book karizm r black in november 2010 and got in march 2011 but bike is 2010 old version y is it so can i exchange my bike bcz i want new version bike plz help me u

  • liquid

    2012 is just around the corner and Karizma has been first launched around 10 years back. no major change in engine or performance has been made ever since. Is it a good choice to go for Karizma R in this time. I prefer this over others in the current market. but my major concerns are
    1) lack of fuel injection.( most of the new models have that)
    2) no tubeless tyres
    3) no rear disc brake
    4) headlamp
    5)leg gaurd

    is there anu scope for upgrades in the near future?
    or should i book one at the earliest.
    waiting for a fruitful reply.

  • what is the mileage of krizma r?
    how much will it cost in punjab?

  • Rohan

    hi I want to buy karizma r new model can u a pls tell me…does it have nitrous suspention ?? spllited sit?? how much max mileage it gives…pls tell me as early as possible…

  • • Karizma R doesn’t feature a nitrox suspension instead 5-step adjustable type hydraulic shock absorber.
    • No split seats either.
    • No official confirmation from ARAI, according to our test-run the Karizma R returned 30kmpl in City and on the highway with constant speed of 70kph surprised with an impressive 45kmpl. However, the mileage figures depend on how it is ridden.

    For more info – https://bharathautos.com/comparo-hero-honda-karizma-r-vs-zmr.html

  • shivkumar

    I want this Hero honda Karizma R Bike M searching all Showrooms but not getting correct information so please can u guys tell me where i can buy

  • Hey ShivKumar, you can either call Hero MotoCorp: 1800-266-0018 or enquire here: http://bit.ly/1QVbAtx. Thank You.

  • Akbar basha

    Did it really launched plz inform me at [email protected]