If students are caught riding motorbikes then Tamil Nadu schools will be face action

Ever since an early age children tend to get fascinated by the auto-motives they see around them, especially the cars and bikes their parents drive. Children always long for the time when they can first lay their hands on a bike and ride it themselves. Some even succeed to make their parents agree on letting them drive/ ride.  But it can be dangerous for them as well as for the other people on road as they are not really old enough to handle the vehicle and legally not ready to drive/ride.

school-kid-student-riding-motorcycleTamil Nadu bans 2-wheelers for students

Recognizing it as a potential threat, a circular has been issued to schools by the Tamil Nadu state school education department warning them that they will be held responsible if any of their student is caught riding a two-wheeler of any kind be it a moped or a motorbike.

The schools have also been asked by the department to install speed breakers near their main entrances. Authorities of some schools have argued that the circular should consider the fact that there are some schools which, as a rule, ban students from riding two-wheelers and that it is the parents who buy them motorbikes. They cannot stand on the road and keep an eye on students who ride two-wheelers.

One of the principal of a CBSE school has stated that the rule should be enforced jointly by the school and the student’s parents as a school can’t take the responsibility of what a student may do when outside the campus. The logic behind the circular is quite clear and simple. The skill of riding a motorcycle may be mastered by a student at a very young age, but a minor is not mature enough to ride responsibly on the road. It can endanger their life and that of others on-road.

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SourceEconomic Times