Spy Shots – 2013 Tata Nano facelift ‘Not really a game changer’

2013 Tata Nanofacelift (Spyshot) - RearView

There has been a buzz around from a long time about the Tata Nano, may it be CNG variant or a facelift of the existing Nano. Recently the facelift variant was seen fully uncovered. Although being called as a facelift, the new variant looks more or less similar to the existing Nano, and would require a second look to identify the changes.

There are very little or no change in the styling of the car, most of which are at the rear. The exterior changes include a chrome strip at the rear and honey comb grill incorporated above the rear bumper. The interior changes included dual speakers integrated in the dashboard, the dashboard will also have two glove boxes as a standard which was earlier seen in the special edition. The car will also be equipped with an in-dash car audio system.

So far it’s not clear at this moment if there will be any mechanical changes to the new variant. The CNG Nano has already been tested and is expected to be launched soon. The diesel variant is also making news, the two variants with different fuel options might be the next-in-line after the launch of this facelift variant.
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2013 Tata Nano facelift (Spyshot) - DashView

2013 Tata Nano facelift (Spyshot) - SideView