Tata Nano Diesel in the works, launch confirmed

Tata Nano Diesel

And finally it is official. Tata Motors has stated that their Nano will be getting the diesel heart by the time the year 2013 ends which means they will launch it around the festival season. The Nano was supposed to be the gamechanger for the company’s fortunes but things went pretty much south and the car after an amazing start, became a dud seller and the sales figures have been hurting Tata for a while now.

Tata Motors needs to consolidate their position in the country and what car better than Nano to help them do that. And that too with a diesel heart. The petrol prices are burning a hole in the common man’s pocket and no matter what the efficiency of a car is, the petrol prices still pinch. Tata Motors could give the common man a cheap and an efficient vehicle in the form of Nano Diesel and get the sales going for them.

Another report suggests that Tata may be a bit too late in launching the Nano diesel as diesel prices too will soar in future. Tata motors has been testing the car in full swing and every week, a Nano Diesel is spotted in the wild doing rounds. So Tata are ensuring that the final product they bring to the market is glitch free and it does not meet the same fate as the petrol powered Tata Nano.

But the highlight will be the speculation that suggests that the car will give 40 kilometres to a litre of diesel which would amount to the fuel costs of pretty much a 100cc motorbike. And achieving this target is quite an uphill task. But the engineers back at Tata Motors are toiling hard to make this work. The engine is expected to be a 800cc double cylinder engine but all will be revealed when the engineering wonder’s official details are announced.


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SourceLive Mint