Spied – Upgraded Tata Nano cars appear at some dealerships!

Upgraded Tata Nano - FrontView

Tata Motors is trying hard to boost its small car Nano’s sales. Recently the company offered discounts and attractive down payment scheme. Now the company has taken the next-move, the upgraded Nano has been slipped into the market and has reached Tata dealer yards across the country and the best part about the upgraded Tata Nano is that Tata isn’t bumping up the price.


Upgraded Tata Nano features in India –

Tata Nano CX features –

  • Black door trims with new fabric design
  • New improved cushioned seats
  • New floor mats
  • Glossy black colored LHS and RHS wing mirrors


Tata Nano LX features –

  • Beige and silver panel dashboard
  • Beige and black door trims
  • New improved cushioned seats
  • New floor mats
  • Body colored LHS wing mirror
  • New wheel-cap design

Upgraded Tata Nano - DashboardView

5 New shades available in upgraded Tata Nano –

  • Pearl White
  • Lime Green
  • Emerald Green
  • Orange and
  • New Silver

Upgraded Tata Nano - RearView

Tata Motors has indeed taken buyer feedback very seriously and come up with these upgrades. The LHS wing mirror is a vital safety bit that is now added into the equation. Existing Nano owners can also upgrade to this left hand side wing mirror by buying it as an accessory at a nearest Tata Motors dealership at 700 odd rupees. The steering geometry has been reworked and the castor-angle optimised to reduce steering effort, a major complaint in the current car. The new car gets tweaked suspension setup and an anti-roll bar to further improve its ride and handling.

Tata’s engineers have increased body stiffness too by making changes to the structure with better bonding of the body panels. This will see an improvement in refinement levels. The vinyl seats of the Nano CX had the reputation of getting uncomfortable in hot weather and the fabric seats in the upgrade is something that will be very well received by prospective Nano CX owners.

Tata has also raised the power by nearly 10 percent, from 35bhp to 38bhp. However, there will be no significant performance gain as the step-up in power has been offset by taller gearing in a bid to achieve the magical 25kpl figure that till now has been accomplished only by other Tata cars — the eV2 and eCS. Also there are reports about Tata working to reduce the noise, vibration and harshness(NVH) levels of the Nano based on customer feedback, it remains an unverified bit.

Upgraded Tata Nano - OverallView

According to AutoCarIndia Magazine, two-cylinder diesel engine and a more powerful three-cylinder 900cc petrol motor are in the works making way for new Tata Nano. However, these engines are at least a year away.

Also there were rumours that upcoming Tata Nano known as ‘Nano Plus’. This upgraded variant is not Nano Plus. There is no change in exterior appearances of the vehicle except introduction of LHS ORVM on CX and LX versions. No design cues have been borrowed from Nano Europa. It is not an intermediate product between major product introductions. Tata expects to sell this vehicle through 2012 or atleast till end of 2012.


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Upgraded Tata Nano - 001     Upgraded Tata Nano - 002     Upgraded Tata Nano - 003     Upgraded Tata Nano - 004

Upgraded Tata Nano - 005     Upgraded Tata Nano - 006     Upgraded Tata Nano - 007     Upgraded Tata Nano - 008



Image Credit IAB & Team-Bhp