Spied – Possible Tata Nano V2 (Diesel)

Possible Tata Nano V2 (Diesel) - 001

BA readers know Tata Nano will receive a raft of significant improvements to enhance the appeal of this ultra affordable car. As we said earlier Nano will be the inclusion of an opening rear hatch and spruced-up interiors with livelier upholstery. A much-needed electronic power steering option could also be introduced

Now a Team-BHPian spotted a Nano car which was probably undergoing tests as judged by the temporary registration number plates on the back of the car. If this is to be believed as undergoing tests, then we might be looking at the second generation of the Tata Nano, maybe codenamed as Nano V2. The Tata Nano in the above spyshot features a right wing mirror, thus addressing what has been a major grouse amongst Tata Nano owners, of that of the absence of right hand side wing mirrors, even as an optional extra.

Possible Tata Nano V2 (Diesel) - 002

What should breathe fresh life into the Nano will be an-all new, two cylinder 800cc diesel engine that is expected early next year. Fuel economy should be nothing short of excellent and that will be the Nano’s biggest draw. Pricing however, will be more critical than ever for the Nano and hence Tata Motors is unlikely to lose it s trump card by overpricing its people’ car.

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Image creditTeam-BHP.com