Spied – Tata Nano CNG variant, yet again!


We all know Tata Motors is trying its level-best to increase the sales of the Tata Nano in the form of contest, different campaigns, merchandise online store and TV Commercials etc… Besides these, Tata Nano is also spotted in different avatars testing like in the Dual-tone color and other Nano featuring a racing inspired design with all-round skirts. However, it still remains the mystery if these cars enter the production.

For now, there are two other variants of Tata Nano which could see the light of the day soon namely, the Nano CNG variant and the Nano Diesel variant. The Nano CNG will be launched by this-Diwali (November) but the Nano Diesel variant will be launched by May next-year. However, due to the lack of CNG stations in our country we predict that Tata Nano diesel might be the best seller in its line-up compared to the CNG variant.

Coming back to the topic, our good friend at IndianAutosBlog has managed to capture the snap of Tata Nano CNG version being tested on public roads yet again, earlier spotted in South Mumbai. According to the same, the Nano will have 17 litres of tank capacity for the CNG apart from the petrol tank and will not be on-sale across India but on selected places like Delhi-NCR, Mumbai and in some places of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, etc…

Tata Nano with CNG option will be a great alternative to the two wheelers with almost similar mileage and will be affordable for the middle-class buyers too, it’s also more economical than the petrol variant. The CNG model of Nano will be a little pricier than the petrol variant by around Rs 20,000 more for the CNG model and will result in some reduction in power. Meanwhile, the launch of new Maruti Alto 800 (also available in CNG & LPG version) is nearby and as soon as it is launched, Nano sales will witness a steep slid and in such a state, that only the Nano diesel could make it survive the competition.


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