Spied – Audi Q3 yet again in Mumbai (Video)


Audi Q3 Crossover SUV, which is Audi India’s challenger to the BMW X1 Crossover, has been spotted by Motorbeam’s reader Shashank Ramugade in Mumbai again. Both are their respective manufacturers’ baby-SUVs and the latter has seen a fair bit of success in the country already. The Q3 is third in the series of Q cars from Audi, and it is essentially a scaled-down Q5.

It sports a distinctive grille and headlamps, with the rest of the car being identical to the Q5, only smaller. On the inside, the Q3 is a proper five-seater with a boot that won’t have you complaining during holiday season. The 2.0-litre TDI and 2.0 TFSI engines will be the primary sources of propulsion in the Q5, although one can also expect a smaller motor in order to undercut the competition.

Expect the Audi Q3 to go on sale in India sometime between April and May 2012. We are expecting it to be priced between Rs 24.5 to Rs 30 lakh.

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Video of Audi Q3 spied in Mumbai –