Snap – New Bajaj Pulsar 200NS dual-tone complete details and hi-res photos


New Bajaj Pulsar 200NS Dual-Tone – FrontView

The Pulsar 200NS has been around for quite some time now, and is selling very well indeed. It contributes massively to the sales of Bajaj Auto Ltd. But Bajaj does not want to just sit back and enjoy the sales numbers, Bajaj has been working hard to bring new innovative products and also updates to existing products. One such update is the new color update on the 200NS. Till now, the 200NS was available just in Saffire Blue, Tosca Red, Mustard Yellow and Midnight Black.

Earlier this-week, Bajaj has officially launched the Pulsar 200NS in three new shades, that too dual-tone colors. The 200NS is now available in Passion red and Ebony black, Safire blue and Ebony black, and Metallic white and Ebony black. While the first two colors were previously available on other Pulsar’s, the metallic white with Ebony black is a first for any Pulsar. The colors look striking and futuristic. When I say that the colors look striking, I’m making an understatement. It really looks that good, and completely changes the way bike looks.


New Bajaj Pulsar 200NS Dual-Tone – CockPit

The new dual-tone paint scheme is features on front cowl, front fender, front mudguard and rear fender. Other additions on the new Pulsar 200NS are the darker color engine cover and a cute looking tank pad. However, on confirming the dealer we came to know no increase in the price of the dual-tone colored Pulsar, it will be priced similar to the regular model. Also Bajaj has already discontinued Safire Blue, Tosca Red and Mustard Yellow. The only colour that will be available in single-tone is Midnight Black, thus, a total of 4 colors will be available – 3 dual tone and 1 single tone.

Other than the colors, nothing else will be changed on the motorcycle. The mechanicals remain the same, the bike still comes with the same 199.5cc single-cylinder, liquid cooled triple spark engine putting out 23.52 PS @9500rpm and 18.3 NM @8000rpm. Bajaj claim the Pulsar 200 NS will hit 60 km/h in 3.61 seconds and 100 km/h in just 9.83 seconds. The Pulsar 200 NS is not the fastest Indian with a top speed of 136 km/h. The engine is mated to a 6-speed gearbox and the Pulsar 200 NS uses liquid cooling. With the use of lighter components, the Pulsar 200 NS weighs 145 kgs.


New Bajaj Pulsar 200NS Dual-Tone – RearView

Other than this update, Bajaj will launch a few more updates to the other bikes in their portfolio, and they have a few new launches in the pipeline as well. Bajaj will launch the faired version of the 200NS shortly, named as the 200SS, the new bike has been snapped while on camouflaged testing quite a few times and is expected to be launched in the near future. The 200SS too will sport the same engine and chassis as the 200NS, but will get additional full-body, fuel-injection and ABS and is expected to take the low-capacity, high performance motorcycle segment in India to an all-new level.

If Bajaj keeps going strong with its products like this and also keeps launching regular updates to their product portfolio in this manner, it is guaranteed that, they will rule the Indian motorcycling scene in the years to come without any sort of fear from the competition.


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new-bajaj-pulsar-200ns-dual-tone-017     new-bajaj-pulsar-200ns-dual-tone-018     new-bajaj-pulsar-200ns-dual-tone-019     new-bajaj-pulsar-200ns-dual-tone-020

new-bajaj-pulsar-200ns-dual-tone-021     new-bajaj-pulsar-200ns-dual-tone-022     new-bajaj-pulsar-200ns-dual-tone-023     new-bajaj-pulsar-200ns-dual-tone-024

new-bajaj-pulsar-200ns-dual-tone-025     new-bajaj-pulsar-200ns-dual-tone-026     new-bajaj-pulsar-200ns-dual-tone-027     new-bajaj-pulsar-200ns-dual-tone-028