Skoda India to launch Fabia with 4 new variants


Skoda India has silently launched the new variant of Fabia which is currently available in three variants, will soon roll-out two new variants in the Indian market. Besides the launch of these two variants, the company is also planning to rename two of the existing variants. A minor reduction of in the pricing of Rs 7000 is also expected to be made. The new variants will be launched in the third week of this month.

The current line-up of three Skoda Fabia variants, Classic, Ambiente and Elegance, will be replaced by the line-up of five new variants including Fabia Active, Active Plus, Ambition, Ambition Plus and Elegance.

The Skoda Fabia Active will be the base variant which will be blessed with all standard features excluding all– four power windows. The Fabia Active Plus will be having an additional feature of All-four power windows. Similarly, the mid range variant Ambition is replacing the existing Ambiente model. The Ambition Plus will be having additional features like all-four power windows and folding keys.

The major change in the features of new variants include removal of driver airbags from the base variant (existing Classic), and removal of dual front airbag from the mid-range variant (Ambiente). However, the feature line-up of top variant Elegance will be kept unchanged.


The base variant earlier was the Fabia Classic and the petrol version was priced at Rs. 4.47 lakhs. The new base variant is now called called the Active, with the petrol version being priced at Rs. 4.43 lakhs.

Similarly the diesel version which is now priced at Rs. 5.53 lakhs while the earlier version was Rs. 5.50 lakhs. The mid-level Ambiente which is now called Ambition is priced at Rs. 4.91 lakhs which earlier costed Rs. 4.99 lakhs. Even the diesel has undergone the same treatment with the Ambition costing Rs. 6 lakhs which earlier was priced at Rs. 6.08 lakhs.

The top end variant has retained the name Elegance. The new prices for the 1.2 MPI petrol engine is Rs. 5.84 lakhs while the 1.6 petrol engine is priced at Rs. 6.16 lakhs and the 1.2 liter diesel is priced at Rs. 6.89 lakhs. So looking at the whole pricing and cost cutting we can say that Skoda has not reduced the price but indirectly increased the prices. However, the firm is yet to announce the changes officially, and it may have kept a few more surprises for its customers.

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