Skoda Citigo five-door set to debut at the 2012 Geneva show


Some news about the Skoda Citigo. The company has announced that the five-door version of the city car – essentially the cousin of the Volkswagen Up! – is set to debut at the Geneva show next month, joining the three-door version which was revealed last September and which began selling in its home market, the Czech Republic, in late 2011.

Like the three-door variant, it’ll be powered by a 1.0 litre three-cylinder petrol engine. This petrol engine will be available in two states of tune, 59 Bhp and 75 Bhp, and should be presumably mated to the same five-speed manual transmission as found in the former. The high fuel economy of nearly 25 Kmpl and low tail pipe emissions is hallmarks of this engine.

The Skoda CitiGo, like the Volkswagen Up! is also expected to get an all-electric version. Expect the all electric version of the CitiGo to be unveiled in the coming weeks. The all electric variant of the CitiGo will feature 18 KwH lithium ion battery stacks powering a 80 Bhp electric motor, endowing the CitiGo with a range of 130 Kms along with a top speed of 130 Kph.

Like the Up!, the CitiGo can seat four adults. India plans for both the Up! and the CitiGo aren’t yet firmed up as Volkswagen is evaluating whether these cars can be made more economically, for positioning as entry level cars in the Indian market.


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