2014 Auto Expo – Nissan Showcases the GTR GT-500 & reveals the Friend-ME concept

Nissan GTR GT-500:


The Nissan GTR GT-500 is a car which has scored consecutive championship titles at Super GT racing series in 2011 and 2012, and is one of the most powerful racing-spec machines available.
The 2013 spec model had further optimized engine response and torque specifications, increasing fuel economy for even greater competitive power. The 2014 model has many more improvements.

The GT500 GT-R is powered by a VRH34B engine that is an example of the expertise of NISMO and GT-R. The 3.4-litre V8 engine develops power in excess of 530PS and more than 440Nm of torque. Even after adding enough hardware equipment to produce such astonishing output figures, the car still falls within the regulated weight of 1100kg.

This specially developed race version of Nissan GT-R boasts the very best in design and aerodynamics. The rear end of the vehicle has been designed to maintain extreme levels of down-force while drastically cutting down drag. The distinctive “shark teeth” rear design and modified underbody has proved to be a dynamic breakthrough for the GT-R.

Nissan and NISMO have worked to try and maximize not only the engine’s output, but also its flexibility by modifying response and torque characteristics to match the layouts of different racetracks. Fuel efficiency is also addressed by decreasing friction within the moving components of the drive-train.

Friend-ME Concept:


At first look, one might as well think that the Friend-ME concept is a car from the future. The Friend-Me Concept is Nissan’s bold vision of how the next generation of saloons will look and explores the desires of future car buyers. Friend-Me combines sporty and dynamic new design features with a cabin that showcases Nissan’s latest vision of in-car technology and entertainment, which includes a new central dashboard which will act as an IT hub and will engage the passengers seamlessly

The front of the car gets V-shaped grille, with a deep V-shaped groove going all the way till the headlamps and this is what defines the front of the car, and of course, how could one miss the curves on the hood. Then, there’s the headlamps which are full LED, the technology of the future.


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