Suzuki iV-4 SUV production version to debut in October, launch in 2015

production-spec-maruti-suzuki-iv4-premium-compact-suv-front2013 Suzuki iV-4 Concept – FrontView

It looks like Suzuki is on a roll with its SUV’s, as they have lately been revealing quite a few exciting concepts and prototypes at various auto show’s around the world. at the 2012 Indian auto expo, Maruti Suzuki revealed the XA-alpha compact SUV concept and after that, at various auto shows around the world they have been displaying the iV-4 Compact SUV too. Reports have emerged stating that the production ready version of the iV-4 will make its debut at the Paris motor show set to be held in October this year.

The production version of the iV-4 will show us what kind of changes can be expected on the production version of the XA-alpha too, as it will be  very  similar to the iV-4, it will eventually be launched in the Indian market too, and as expected, the iV-4 will be positioned higher than the XA-alpha, but what comes as a surprise is that, it will be positioned lower than the Grand Vitara. this will not only happen in India, but in Europe too, the iV-4 will be positioned higher than the Jimmy (Maruti Gypsy) and lower than the Vitara.

production-spec-maruti-suzuki-iv4-premium-compact-suv-rear2013 Suzuki iV-4 Concept – RearView

While the XA-alpha has only 4×2 and AWD options; the jimmy (Gypsy) has an old-school 4WD system and the Vitara has a modern electronic 4WD system, the iV-4 will be made available with Suzuki’s new, All-grip 4WD system. The iV-4 will be launched in Europe sometime next year, and we predict it will be successful, given the futuristic European styling combined with that quirky muscular and aggressive look.

The iV4 measures 4215mm in length, 1850mm in width and 1655mm in height. This means it is slightly shorter but wider than the Renault Duster, and it has a wheelbase of 2500mm which is shorter than even the Ford EcoSport (2520mm). After the iV-4 is launched in India, it would make for a nice line-up of compact SUV’s in Maruti Suzuki’s product portfolio, which by then would include the new Gypsy diesel, the XA-alpha, the iV-4 and the Grand Vitara, all positioned and priced in the market in that order.


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production-spec-maruti-suzuki-iv4-premium-compact-suv-grille     production-spec-maruti-suzuki-iv4-premium-compact-suv-headlights     production-spec-maruti-suzuki-iv4-premium-compact-suv-side

production-spec-maruti-suzuki-iv4-premium-compact-suv-fender     production-spec-maruti-suzuki-iv4-premium-compact-suv-alloy-wheel     production-spec-maruti-suzuki-iv4-premium-compact-suv-taillights