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People are flocking to cities and relying on public transportation more to get around.  This trend is most popular among the younger generation, which is showing a preference for carpooling and public transportation over driving.  The trend that has the Millennial group pumping the brakes on their driving is due to necessity.
Why Americans are driving less –

Drivers are parking their cars because of gas prices, a poor economy and changing attitudes, research shows.  The baby boomer population is more likely to live furthest away from the city and drive more.  Millennial drivers are embracing the city life and all that comes with it like public transportation.  Researchers believe that the trend will likely continue for years to come as many continue to join the ranks of the Millennial professionals.
Other driving trends worth noting –

In addition to carpooling and using public transportation, individuals are purchasing more fuel-efficient vehicles, shopping with fuel economy in mind.  They are using mobile apps to find the best gas prices available to them in a given area.  Consolidating errands into one trip is another approach to lowering gas consumption.  Purchasing gas from wholesale providers is another way people are cutting their fuel costs.  People are upgrading their vehicles with quality parts from Sinister Diesel at to improve fuel economy.
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Only 86 percent of adults in 2011 had licenses when compared to 90 percent in 1992.  If the trend continues, there will be less people with licenses by 2020 if the economy and gas prices continue to affect consumer habits in the same way.