Shah Rukh Khan gets a new bomb-proof car (Mercedes S600 Guard)

Shah Rukh Khan has been riding high on the success of his latest movie Happy New Year and the actor has just given himself a gift that will stay with him for a long time to come. But with great success comes great responsibility. And the responsibility on his shoulders is to keep himself and his family safe. As a result, the actor has just bought himself a bomb-proof car.

shahrukh-khans-10-crore-mercedes-s600-guard-bomb-proof-car-frontMercedes-Benz S600 Guard provides all-round protection to the level of resistance class VR9 (both in transparent and non-transparent areas).

The reason for the actor making the move is the fact that he’s been getting extortion calls from a gangster. Recently, bullets were fired at Ali Morani’s house who is an associate of the actor. The bullets were fired at his BMW when nobody was at the residence. The bullets were reportedly fired by Ravi Pujari’s accomplices who is a Mumbai-based gangster. Morani was ignoring his calls for extortion.

The gangster is know to target big celebrities like Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan. SRK was following the same but the calls from the gangster even reached the office of Red Chillies Entertainment. This was revealed by Pujari himself to a journalist. This move came after the gangster demanded that the actor stopped working with the Morani brothers (Ali Morani and Karim Morani).

shahrukh-khans-10-crore-mercedes-s600-guard-bomb-proof-car-rearWith first-class comfort, an outstanding AIRMATIC suspension, powerful V12 engine, intelligent driver assistance systems and unrestricted day-to-day suitability.

The actor has, as a result, doubled his protection and bought himself a Mercedes-Benz S600 Guard Customised car which is bomb proof and can cost anybody a fortune. Aamir Khan recently bought a Rs 10 crore bomb proof car as well after calls from the underworld after showcasing some social evils on his recent show Satyamev Jayate. We can’t afford to lose such actors so we like the fact that they have heightened their security.

The S600 Guard is the most expensive car in the film industry and SRK is only the fourth person in the country after Mukesh Ambani, Actor Amir Khan and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to own the special protection car.


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