RVS Design’s Yezdi Bobber

The youth have a penchant for amazingly styles, good sports bikes. However, there is also a segment of this population and bike crazy fans that prefer Bobbers over anything else. Srikant is one such bike lover whose heart beats for Jawa Yezdi. These bikes were available for sale in the Indian market during the time period of 1960 to 1996. These bikes used to come in 3 variants: 175cc engine, 250cc engine and 350cc engine. The Jawa Yezdi bikes gained immense popularity at their time because they require low maintenance and were very reliable.

rvs-designs-modified-yezdi-bobber-jaipurRVS Design’s Yezdi Bobber

Srikant has converted his Yezdi bikes powered by 250cc engine into a bobber and has christened it Yamdoot. The front tire is of 19 inch with lead spring suspension while the rear tire is of 17 inches and has mono suspension. The Yamdoot has a one of a kind gas tank that features two hollow holes. This bobber is quite an awesome one! He took help from RVS Design, a customization company. The Yezdi bobber has been put up for sale and a price tag of Rs. 90,000 has been attached to it.

Srikant has been passionate about bikes. He stated that he had this innate impulse to look at things from a different perspective which made them unique and much more impressive. Srikant says that his army school environment was a source of inspiration for him as arm men were known to get their jeeps, bikes and other auto motives personalized and customized as per their personal requirements and desire. Up till his college days, Srikant followed customization as a hobby. However, when he realized that the job of a civil engineer was not what he loved, he turned his hobby into a full time work. He believes in following one’s passion.

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Source – 350cc.com