Revolta UFO, Revolta Magic Box: from 2016 Auto Expo

At the extremely successful Auto Expo this year, some new brands made their debut in the Indian market by displaying their products, and one of them is Bangalore-based start up electric vehicle manufacturer Revolta Motors.

The aim of the company is to produce zero emission vehicles for personal and commercial for urban usage. Although Revolta Motors has no product on-sale as of now, it still had the stall at the India’s largest automobile event, and showcased the UFO and Magic Box EV concepts.

Revolta UFO


The UFO acronym stands for Urban Fun Object is an electric vehicle concept designed to produce short-medium distance commuting vehicles for urban usage. By reading the specs, one would assume this one to be just another electric commuter motorcycle, because it has a range of 80 kms on a full charged battery and comes with a top speed of 70 km per hour.

This scooter is quite an awesome looking scooter and features LED headlight and tail light, digital instrument cluster with smartphone connectivity, adjustable rear suspension and front disc brake. If everything goes as per calculation, than the UFO will be on-sale in the Indian market by 2017.

Revolta Magic Box


The Revolta Magic Box is a goods carrier concept which can be used as carton carriers for courier and postal deliveries, as well as to deliver food items and much more. Thus uniquely-shaped concept has a 24-inch square storage space and has a cargo capacity of 100 kgs.

This electric two-wheeler goods carrier can clock a maximum speed of 60 km per hour, while having a range of 60 kms on a full charged battery. The production-spec model will get a GPS tracker as it will mainly be used for commercial purposes.

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