Lohia Auto’s range of lithium ion battery operated electric 2-wheelers & 3-wheelers at 2016 Auto Expo

Noida-based Lohia Auto industries, the e-bike manufacturer showcased its first lithium ion battery operated two-wheeler the Oma Star Li and its first high speed electric two-wheeler, the Elite 3000, during the recently held 2016 Auto Expo.

The company brought glamour to its stalls catering to the rural towns. Here they showcased the Eco-Friendly Electric Rickshaws (e-rickshaws) for both passengers and cargo. The cargo version is called the ‘Narain LC’, which they also call the ‘Humsafar’, and can be used as carton carriers or ice cream counters. While the passenger version is called ‘Narain’, also known as ‘Humrahi’ can accommodate four passengers.

Lohia Auto also displayed the concept of India’s first electric three-wheelers, at the country’s largest automobile event. So far, three-wheelers either run on petrol, diesel, LPG or CNG. The shift to e-three wheeler’s will go a long way in curbing emission of harmful gases.

Lohia Oma Star Li


India’s first lithium ion battery operated electric two-wheeler, ‘Oma Star Li’ is equipped with advanced lithium ion batteries and has a capacity to run at a speed of 25 km per hour. It comes with ergonomic seats and alloy wheels for enhanced riding comfort and more stability. Powered with telescopic suspension and refreshed headlamp, Oma Star will be available in four attractive colours such as Fiery Red, Macho Black, Spirited Gray & White. Oma Star Li is priced at Rs. 49,960/- (on-road price, New Delhi).

Lohia Elite 3000


The Elite 3000 is the first high speed electric two-wheeler from Lohia Auto. The two-wheeler can clock a maximum speed of 60 km per hour compared to the current models, which touch a maximum speed of 25 km per hour. The much improved electric two-wheeler comes with three speed mode, disc brake, and a peak output of 3000W. The two-wheeler will be available in both Lead acid & Lithium ion batteries.

Lohia Narain LC/ Lohia Humsafar


Both the passengers and cargo versions are powered by 1,950 watt motor and equipped with higher battery capacity. This Eco-Friendly Electric Rickshaws (e-rickshaws), the Narain LC/Humsafar and Narain/Humrahi, cargo and passengers versions respectively become the first electric rickshaws to offer 2 years warranty. The cargo version is priced at Rs. 1,23,000/-, while the passenger version is priced at Rs. 1,26,000/- (Both prices are Ex-Showroom, New Delhi).

Lohia Narian/ Lohia Humrahi


In addition to the good looks, attractive interiors, custom fittings and exceptional finish, Narain/Humrahi can accommodate four passengers at a time and are completely built in India. These rickshaws are low-maintenance, easy to operate and cost much less than the traditional auto-rickshaws and battery-pulled three-wheeler’s. Given their large wheel base, heavy & sturdy chassis, these e-rickshaws are stable and can comfortably ply even on sub-standards roads.

India’s first concept e-three wheeler

lohia-india-first-concept-e-three-wheeler -auto-expo-india-pictures-photos-images-snaps

Given the urgent need to combat rising pollution levels in India’s big cities, Lohia Auto has also showcased India’s first concept e-three wheeler at the Auto Expo. So far, three wheeler’s either run on petrol, diesel, Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). The shift to e-three-wheeler’s will go a long way in curbing emission of harmful gases. The three-wheeler comes equipped with 5.7 KW motor and has the capacity to seat 3 passengers.

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Image Credit: Rediff