Review – Sandesh reviews his all new muscle Hunk

Hero Honda Hunk review by SandeshHello everyone! I am Sandesh from Mangalore and this is a review of my 2week old Hero Honda Hunk.

What led me to select Hunk as the best suitable for me??

Well as it is my first bike I was in too much confusion over the large pool of bikes in the market but I took my time and started doing research on the popular premium bikes like Pulsar, Apache, FZ, Xtreme, Hunk… my requirements were looks, mileage and comfort, after properly scrutinizing all the bikes… HH Hunk came out as the appropriate choice.

My experience with Hunk so far was delighting… but never the less I have a lot to say about the bike, let me explain in different parts.



According to me Hunk is a nicely designed bike, it has all the curves and muscle which makes the bike stand apart. The tank shoulders, muscular fender, aggressive visor, astra gold suspension, and LED tail lights are eye catching… especially the speedo console which looks awesome with the backlight.



Hunk shares the same popular engine of Unicorn and CBZ which is extremely smooth and delivers ample horse power. I love the fact that it doesn’t need frequent gear changing, even at higher gears work smoothly without knocking at slow speeds. It reaches 0 to 60 kmph in no time, but after 60 it gain speed gradually.


Hero Honda Hunk review by Sandesh


Fuel Efficiency

As per my calculations my Hunk returns me the mileage of around 50 to 55 km/litre. I am happy with the mileage because my Hunk is yet to complete its first service and it’s giving me such decent figures. (I usually ride at a speed around 45 to 60 kmph)



Hunk’s riding stance is designed in such a way that its comfortable yet has a sporty look and I never had any backpain even after a long rides (Earlier I used to have back pains after long rides in my brothers FZ). I think it’s essential to have a comfortable bike considering the fact that we spend hell lot of time on it. Hunk is especially comfortable for tall persons (5.9 ft).GRS suspensions absorb ever bumps and humps effectively.



Hunk may be tall and heavy but it’s an ease to handle the bull in twists, turns and bends the way you want it to. T=Trust me it’s fun riding the bull… coming to the brakes mine is the dual disk version it’s not as quick as Pulsar or Apache, but its designed that way to avoid skidding so braking in my Hunk is safe and effective .



HH Hunk has a Honda engine, which is made of top quality and as per my study it should stay young for years to come (not like the pulsar which deteriorates within a year) and with so many HERO service centres around it makes the maintenance part even more easy.


Hero Honda Hunk review by Sandesh


The Cons –

  • Gear box is bit hard compared to FZ or pulsar…but it’s manageable… (hope to get it smooth after the services)
  • Sound of the engine is pretty low (hardcore bikers may not like it)
  • Headlights are not direct powered like the Pulsar or FZ…  the intensity of headlight varies accordingly to the throttle power (like the typical HH bikes)


If you’re planning to buy the bull don’t hesitate go for it u will never regret… keeping aside the cons, I’m overall satisfied with my muscle Hunk. It’s the perfect bike, I hope to have some great experience with it in future. Have a happy and safe riding.





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