Story behind the modified Bajaj V15 by EIMOR Customs in INS Vikrant Style

Pictures of a custom-built Bajaj V15 are getting louder on various automobile websites. A number of automotive websites have been busy reporting news surrounding the brilliant paint job on the motorcycle, but have you wondered how much effort was taken to built one-off this motorcycle?


Hyderabad-based bike modifier, EIMOR Customs has proven that the Bajaj V15 – The Invincible can adopt customization with style. The project started when a lady motorcycle enthusiast got in touch with the custom bike builder to get the V15 painted, at the time she had a short conversation about the price and the basic idea of modification.

She bought a brand new Bajaj V15 motorcycle to the garage, a week later. The customer wanted the motorcycle to look and feel very special compared to a stock V15, as she had to gift it to someone. Further she preferred to get it painted on battleship grey theme for the realistic appeal.


Than the folks at EIMOR Customs started their R&D for next 2 to 3 days, they collected the photos and other significant information, studying about the history of the Vikrant warship and the years that were important to the warship. They also looked at all the photos and collected all the information needed, and then filtered-out the critical detail that needed to go on the motorcycle.

Re-painting process began, the custom bike builder stripped-off the V15’s dual-tone factory paint scheme to get it painted in Battlefield Grey theme which matches that of the INS Vikrant. They even recreated rust spots and surface texture as if it is made out of actual sheets of metal that are welded together, as seen on the aircraft carrier it is inspired by.


The fuel tank receives a custom airbrush painting depicting the aerial view of the ship with ‘INS Vikrant’ and the year ‘1961-1997’ stickering. The front mudguard features ‘R11’ (the actual number of the ship) that sits beside a sticker of Indian flag and the tailpiece sports the lettering ‘The Invincible’. Further, the chassis and the engine are painted in black to resemble the underbelly of the ship.

However, the customised V15 retains the ‘V’ logo as it looked great. There are no mechanical changes to the motorcycle. This project took a period of 3 weeks for the EIMOR Customs to dismantle, strip away the original paint and stickers, preparing the metal for fresh paint, painting the base, airbrush work, laying details and clear coating.

The skill behind the colour matching and hand-painted work of the Hyderabad based custom motorcycle builder, EIMOR Customs is a true symbol of their unrivalled craftsmanship.

Refresher: The engine on the Bajaj V15 is an 150cc single-cylinder air cooled unit with twin-spark technology, which develops maximum power of 11.83 BHP @ 7500 rpm with maximum torque of 13 NM @ 5500 rpm. The engine is mated to a 5-speed gearbox. The V15 will hit a top speed of 110 KMPH yet return a decent fuel economy of 50 KMPL.

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GALLERY: Bajaj V15 by EIMOR Customs

modified-bajaj-v15-by-eimor-customs-front-pictures-photos-images-snaps     modified-bajaj-v15-by-eimor-customs-side-pictures-photos-images-snaps     modified-bajaj-v15-by-eimor-customs-back-rear-pictures-photos-images-snaps

modified-bajaj-v15-by-eimor-customs-fuel-tank-pictures-photos-images-snaps     modified-bajaj-v15-by-eimor-customs-stickering-pictures-photos-images-snaps     modified-bajaj-v15-by-eimor-customs-ins-vikrant-stickering-pictures-photos-images-snaps

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Source: Drive Spark

Image Credit: Eimor Customs