Renault Pulse scheduled to launch on 6th January

Renault Pulse - FrontView

Renault Pulse is the hatch that was recently unveiled in India targeted the high volume segment in India. Now the company has scheduled the launch on its new car Renault Pulse on the 6th January, 2011 in New Delhi. The Pulse is basically similar to Nissan Micra with few changes to the entire car. If you begin to figure out the major differences between the two hatchbacks it boils down to the all-diesel engine in the Renault Pulse against the Nissan Micra’s presence with both petrol and diesel engines. Nevertheless, it’s going to be the Nissan’s K9K engine that will power the small car with a decent power and torque numbers of 69 Bhp and 160 Nm.

It’s based on the same V-platform that Renault and Nissan have jointly development. So, quite naturally there will be certain similarities creeping into the Renault’s version of the hatchback. However, the auto major has tried its best to bring about the changes as far as the appearance of the car is concerned which is very much evident as we look at the Renault Pulse.

Renault Pulse - DashBoard

The changes is offered on the Pulse is more on the front side with aggressive look and also resemblance to the Micra is something that can be observed. The interiors again look more like Nissan Micra’s with the same dashboard and central console layout, though it is rumoured that Renault might come up with a sport kit for the Renault Pulse as a pacifier to calm down any protests in that direction.

Renault Pulse - RearView

Anyhow, it will be interesting to see how the auto giant strategizes on the Renault Pulse price. Undeniably, Renault must have benefited at least to some extent with this brand engineering where sufficient amount of component sharing might have taken place. But, will Renault use this to keep the costs down to avoid the fate of Nissan Micra, is the question that only Renault could answer.


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