Renault-Nissan badge engineered product expected to end with Nissan’s Duster based SUV

Nissan Duster rendered picture

Nissan Duster rendered picture

Already many cars are being rebadged by the two companies Nissan and Renault. The Duster initially developed by Renault is the most successful car globally in the current market. From the reports obtained, re-badged cars such as Nissan Micra being re-badged to Renault Pulse and Nissan Sunny being re-badged to Renault Scala have not obtained decent sales in the Indian market.

Mr. Kenichero Yomura, President of Nissan India said that “India is a very competitive market and we came in late. In order to be cost competitive we needed to be a big volume player from the beginning. We shared products with Renault and both companies sell products in domestic and export (market). By doing that we achieved big volumes in three years. But we will not see the cross-badged models. It was only for the beginning not anymore. ”

As we have already published in one of our earlier posts that Nissan is planning to launch its own version of Duster during mid-2013, which is expected to be the last Renault-Nissan badge engineered product in India. However changes expected would be re-styled front bumpers, headlights and the front grills. At the rear it would resemble the current version of duster with slight changes in tail lamps and license plate housing. Nissan’s SUV is expected to be priced lower than the Renault Duster.


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Source – Business Standard

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