Nissan badged Duster only few months away from hitting dealerships

Nissan’s Duster-based compact SUV - FrontView

Despite of many cars already being re-badged in the market by the two companies Nissan and Renault, the Duster would be the next car to be added to this list. The Duster is initially developed by Renault and its the most successful car globally in the current market. Till date Nissan used to get its versions of cars into the market first of which Renault then produces its own version, but this time, the roles have been reversed.

This time its other way round, Renault has developed Duster which changed the fortune of sales for the Renault company. There has been reports that Nissan is planning to launch its own version of Duster, which would be more than a re-badged Duster. Nissan will continue to use the same engine but there is expectations that this compact SUV introduced by Nissan would have 4×4 capabilities. Name of the Nissan’s version of Duster is not disclosed yet.

For Renault, it wasn’t until the Duster was launched that their fortunes changed significantly. All the models that came before it didn’t exactly set the sales charts on fire, so it’s understandable they don’t want to hand over the Duster to Nissan on a gold plate. Thus, they kept on delaying, but according to new information, the Nissan-badged Duster might be launched even before Oct-2013, although no exact date of launch is given it is speculated not be too far off after all.

Nissan’s Duster-based compact SUV - RearView

Our friends at IndianCarsBikes has rendered the image of Nissan’s version of Duster. As seen in the rendering, the changes are expected to be purely cosmetic with restyled front bumpers, headlights and the front grills. At the rear, it would resemble the current version of Duster with slight changes in tail lamps and license plate housing. As noticed earlier, Nissan’s version of the re-badged cars is always cheaper than the Renault. So the same would be expected in pricing of compact SUV by Nissan and don’t become surprise if this becomes a huge sales success for Nissan as well.


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Image CreditIndianCarsBikes

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