Photo Rendering – Here’s what the Nissan badged Duster could look like

Nissan badged Duster

Nissan badged Duster is one of the main launches that will take place in the year 2013 and today we have for you some rendered images of the SUV based on the leaked images of the car which we showed you some days ago. Our friends back at have published some renderings of the car and we thought we’ll share them with you.

Nissan is expected to bring this SUV with a 1.5-litre petrol motor that powers the Nissan Sunny. The reason why we believe this petrol motor could power the Nissan SUV because the engine will save a lot of Research and Development costs for the company. Eventhough the petrol powered SUV would not find many takers, but it will serve as an entry level variant of the car. 

The 1.5 K9K diesel motor will be the one which will find the maximum takers. 4WD and AT variants of the car will also make it to the roads as top of the line variants. Unlike the Renaul Duster, it might not get exported to foreign markets but the Renault-Nissan Alliance might just start exporting it alongside the Renault Duster. The Nissan badged Duster will be produced with high levels of localisation.

The Diwali-Dusshera festival season is when the SUV is expected to be launched and Nissan India has confirmed the launch of the SUV at that time as well. The Nissan SUV will borrow design cues from the Chevrolet Orlando from the rear while the front of the car will resemble the Patrol. The Renault Duster has seen an immense amount of success in the Indian market. Can Nissan do the same with their version of the SUV?


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Image CreditIndianAutosBlog