New Swift clocks 40000 bookings, damaged during ad shoot


Most anticipated launch of the year is undoubtedly the launch of the new Maruti Suzuki Swift is scheduled for 17th August, 2011. As we reported earlier bookings for New Maruti Swift has amazingly clocked 25,000+, without the announcement of the specifications and price in India.

Now in a fresh report new Maruti Swift is leaving no record unbroken as bookings marches towards the 40,000. This sort of an activity before a launch has never been witnessed in recent times. Imagine where the number is headed in the next 15 days, and in case you want to marvel a bit more, after the launch! Not without reason is the Swift called the darling car of India.

It has been repeatedly reported by the media that Maruti Suzuki will take Swift’s production level to 18,000 units a month. If this happens, the Swift will outsell the new Wagon R as well taking the No.2 spot in the internal rankings for best selling Maruti’s.


Meanwhile, another news that’s doing the rounds on the internet is that of the 2012 Maruti Suzuki Swift having crashed while filming for an ad(picture below). A fan of the popular Car and Bike Show on NDTV has put some pictures of the car having been crashed while being shot for an ad shoot in Bangalore. Unfortunately the windshield of the car was shattered during the shoot and had to be taken away. Going by the images, it does not look like a serious accident.


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